A formal Valentine's Day where we get dressed up to go to a restaurant is still a thing, but like many other areas in life, change is fragmenting this classic model. Today’s options have grown to accommodate different ways of celebrating this occasion traditionally associated with couples. We now celebrate it for love of family, friends and why not, self-love with a good movie and your trusted four-legged friend. No matter what evening you have in store, we have a few ideas to add a little something extra to your plans: from fancy cocktais to three-course meals, or just a digestive for two once the kids have gone to bed.


This classic French liqueur is produced using hand-picked elderflowers; up to 1,000 in a bottle. Talk about a bouquet! Its beautiful floral aromas are joined by tropical notes, citrus and pear. Pairs wonderfully with all base alcohols to make your cocktails, such as Grapester or Rob Collins. Customers also love it simply with sparkling wine, like the one just below, a mix that couldn't be more appropriate to start your special evening.

Fine bubbles set in a lively, fruity and floral ensemble create an inviting and persistent mousse. Perfect on its own as an aperitif or in a spritz, this vibrant Prosecco will also do wonders with ceviche or a smoked salmon pasta salad. A great choice to celebrate Galentine’s Day with the girls over brunch or movie night.

If Valentine's Day was a bottle, it would be pink Champagne. This is oh-so on point for a romantic evening for two, or to share with the girls. Very fresh, it comes from the sixth generation of a 20-hectare family estate. Its pretty salmon colour is obtained by adding a hint of local red wine to the ensemble. A fine choice as an aperitif, this gastronomic Champagne also goes brilliantly with a seafood risotto, a salmon tartare and the dishes you’d find at a fancy brunch.

At the table 

A customer favourite for several years, this wine combines the structure of Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon with the fruity aromas of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. In short, a versatile blend that pleases every time. Perfectly suited for a Chinese fondue or grilled red meat of your choice.

Calling lovers of red wines with character! Powerful, this 100% Tempranillo wine benefits from long maceration which gives it structure and presence. Benefiting from aging in American oak barrels for a period of 24 to 30 months, this cuvée will appeal to lovers of full-bodied wine. An anti-cliché treat with meatballs in smoke meat sauce, or with a very elegant dish of braised veal cheek.

Designed as an artistic creation with a rose-shaped base, the Cote des Roses is perfect if you have a penchant for rosé and the desire to fully embrace the theme. It will do justice to lemon-shrimp pasta or vegetable gratin thanks to its fresh citrus and strawberry notes. A vibrant and airy rosé that appeals to all our senses and is sure to please.

The oldest wine company in Chile, Bodega Carmen continues today to highlight the country's wine potential. This Chardonnay cuvée which combines charm and roundness is quite exquisite and appropriate for your evening, accompanied by a grilled salmon fillet or butter chicken.


This coffee cream beverage literally comes with its better half. On one side a liqueur made of black coffee and whiskey, on the other a creamy vanilla cream. When layered in the glass, white cream on top, the mixture gives an impression of Irish coffee or tiramisu. Perfect on ice, in a coffee, or as a dessert over vanilla ice cream. Or why not for the occasion, in an iced cappuccino garnished with whipped cream, to share with two straws.

In partnership with Les Vignerons du Brulhois, Champagne Forget-Brimont, Sheridan’s, St-Germain et Bodegas Riojanas.