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Wine and food pairings

What’s better than enjoying a great meal with a nice glass of wine? Which wine should you choose for a perfect pairing?  Wine and meal pairings aren’t that complicated! Explore our practical advice and taste tags, in order to get the perfect marriage every time. 

Paysage AlsacePaysage Alsace

Alsace, nice whites!

White wine is popular in Quebec again, and how fortunate for Alsace — it’s their speciality. With an age-old winemaking tradition, the region proposes an exceptional offering of grapes that spring forth from a dizzying variety of terroirs.

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktailsRosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

What is the best time of day to enjoy rosé? We suggest its best to toast with a glass of rosé over brunch, dinner and cocktail hour.

In the spotlight

Visuel Art de la tableVisuel Art de la table

The art of pairings

When getting ready to sit down for a meal, choosing the right wine can really make your culinary creations shine. Some basic pointers in the art of pairing can bring out hitherto undetected nuances in both your dishes and in your wine.

Discover your taste tags

For over 10 years, taste tags have been a simple and practical tool that allows you to easily find the wines, spirits and gins you'll love. Each tag is associated with a specific taste profile. Learn which type of product you prefer, then explore with confidence other products of the same profile. It’s that simple!

Our recipes

Get inspired by a ton of recipes, from appetizer to dessert. Whether you’re a fan of French, South American, Asian or other types of cuisine, we’ve got you covered, wine suggestions included!

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  1. Hakutsuru

    The hidden side of sake

    The variety of sakes available on our market allow them to be served to accompany different dishes and also to make cocktails. Discover the Hakutsuru range to add a touch of Japanese elegance to your evenings.

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  2. Provence

    Provence in rosé: Versatile and authentic

    From the blue of the sea lining the beaches of its coastline to the red of the Croisette in Cannes during the festival, it is in pink that Provence is the most beautiful. The birthplace of French viticulture, rosé has been produced here for over 2,600 years! Here is an overview and some gourmet suggestions.

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  3. Spanish-style aperitif

    Spanish-style aperitif with friends

    It's vacation time, and aperitifs with friends are growing longer. For an evening that evokes the warmth of the Mediterranean, here are five seasonal pairings with a sunny selection of Spanish wines. Discover the Torres family, which offers a wide range of wines so varied that there is something for everyone.

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  4. Top 10 must-have vacation drinks

    Top 10 must-have vacation drinks

    What to drink tonight? What to drink with a plate of nachos? What to drink during a picnic or with grilled fare? But above all, what to drink in discovery mode during your vacation?

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  5. Washington

    Six pairings to Escape to Washington State

    If you like to take the roads less traveled both on vacation and at the table, a trip West to Washington could be just the thing. Discover the nature of the state through six wines and their pairings on the grill.

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  6. California

    Barbecue like you’re in California: 5 wines and recipes

    When you think of a travel destination with a sunny aura, you can’t help but dream of California. With its healthy lifestyle, abundance of fresh produce and perfect weather, it’s the embodiment of a summer day. No wonder California wines are just the thing to pair with BBQ dishes.

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  7. Wine and food pairings Summer, Premixed cocktails Entertaining Aperitifs

    Premixed cocktails: From cooler to table

    Summer is all about staying outside as long as possible. Which, come 5 p.m., goes hand in hand with a cooler in hand. Judging by their success, you’ve probably tried one at an apéro, but did you know premixed cocktails also go great with food beyond snacks? Sounds like winning summer pairings.

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  8. Suggestions des experts SAQ : nos meilleurs vins pour l'été

    10 summer must-try wines and spirits

    Because the sunny season brings many occasions to get together and enjoy a very chill happy hour, our experts Julie and Éric bring you their 10 must-try wines and spirits to share this summer. From a bubbly to red wines and Quebec aperitifs, you’ll find everything you need for all pretexts and dishes.

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  9. rosé, wine, cooler, premade cocktail, summer

    Our summer pairings with rosés and coolers

    The arrival of the warm weather coincides with the return of rosé in our glasses, and ready-to-drink beverages in our hands! To celebrate the season of patios and picnics, here are some fresh pairings.

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  10. Austria

    Discover wine-growing Austria in 5 points

    Austrian wines have their own personality thanks to their unique grape varieties and impressive drinkability. A can’t-miss destination for any foodie in search of originality. Discover an unparalleled vineyard, where quality and diversity rhyme with accessibility.

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  11. wine, bubbles, pairings, mother's day, spring, gift ideas

    10 great wines for Mother's Day

    Looking for a gift for mom this Mother's Day? Here are a few suggestions of excellent bottles to offer with—as a bonus—tasty wine and food pairings.

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  12. Our experts' suggestions: 10 must-try wines for spring

    10 must-try spring wines

    Spring at last! Because dinners with friends will become a thing again, and dishes will get a little lighter, our experts reveal their best red wines, white wines, bubbly and even an orange one to welcome the season we’ve long been waiting for.

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