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Isle de Bacchus


Isle de Bacchus: Dropping in at the oldest vineyard on Île d’Orléans

Located on Île d’Orléans, not 20 minutes from downtown Quebec City, Isle de Bacchus is one of the pioneers of Quebec winemaking. We made our way there to taste wines that unite tradition and innovation, while taking in an enchanting setting and a stunning view of the St. Lawrence.

Published on June 29, 2023

A can't-miss spot on the island

From the outset, the owners explained that Isle de Bacchus was christened after Île d’Orléans’s former name. This vineyard was one of the first to be established in Quebec, back in 1982. As soon as I stepped foot in this 250-year-old building, I could smell the deep-rooted history that surrounded me. Located right by the entryway to the island, this winery spans 11 hectares of grapevines. Over the years, an honest-to-goodness tradition developed during the October harvests, with volunteer grape pickers from all over the world coming to help collect the fruit in a festive, friendly environment.

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Past and present: the best of both world

Steve Boyer, Carol Primeau and I stood among their oak barrels, not far from their next-gen wine pressers, chatting about their vineyard. I quickly realized that their secret was their ability to marry tradition and modernity. They do like to uphold older techniques, but they’re also constantly searching for innovative ways to improve their wine. This blending of practices has paid off, with the winery earning many provincial and national prizes. Isle de Bacchus produces a wide range of products, from reds and rosés to sparkling wine and ice wine. My personal favourite is Le 1535, a light white wine with subtle hints of lemon and white flowers, which will taste divine with dinner at my next get-together.

Spotlight on Quebec's terroir

As a bonus, there’s also a bistro that serves charcuterie plates with Quebec cheese to savour with their products, which deepened my appreciation for the aromas and subtleties of each wine. It’s a most inviting spot where you can sit on a shaded patio, on a deck chair in the sunshine, or at a picnic table with your group. Get ready for a warm welcome from the enthusiastic staff. You’ll have such a great time, you won’t want to leave! I stuck around until sunset and soaked in a spectacular finale to this feast for the senses.

If you’re eager like me to discover local products in a historic place, take the time to visit Vignoble Isle de Bacchus with family, friends or your significant other. I’ll definitely be back to enjoy the bistro and the breathtaking views of the grapevines and the St. Lawrence, with a glass of white wine in hand to celebrate these magical moments.

Isle de Bacchus

1335 avenue Royal

Saint-Pierre-de-l'Ile-d'Orléans (Québec) G0A 4E0


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