Gun, bow or crossbow... every year, thousands of hunters across Quebec are getting ready for their favourite season. Some are perched high atop their watchtower, patiently waiting, others are busy bringing apples or salt blocks to their hunting grounds, and some are making the final adjustments to their rifle telescope.

The game targeted?

Caribou for the more adventurous hunters, bears... and of course, moose and deer.

Some hunters will be lucky enough to land their prey of choice and will, undoubtedly, celebrate their victory right there in the forest with a nice cold beer in hand. But when it comes time to share the feast with family and friends, you’re going to want to pair it with something a little more, shall we say, refined.

Our suggestions

First off, take heed.

Moose and deer meat share very few similarities with other meats, such as beef. Don’t forget, these animals feed off of an astronomical amount of pines, shrubs and other plant matter on a daily basis, and they travel incredibly long distances from one body of water to another. The result: theirs is a lean meat with a gamier flavour. Forgo the heavy red and choose a bit more carefully. Ironically, it’s best to avoid wines with too much panache!

If you’re grilling or pan frying your meat (this is best for back-strap cuts), an Argentinian malbec with a moderate alcohol level, a Sangiovese with a nice tannin-acidity balance or a Rioja that is not too woodsy are all excellent choices.

Opt for wines with the Aromatic and Supple taste tag —their profile and medium body will pair perfectly with your hunter’s feast.