Is there more beautiful excitement in the air than the return of the sunny weather? Maybe the local hockey series, yes, but not everyone’s into it and it’s no guarantee. The terrace against a backdrop of soft rays; now that brings everyone together! Lucky for you, we’ve got great ideas for this delicious occasion we love to plan or improvise, and always stretch out a little longer: aperitif o’clock! Let yourself be inspired by overseas traditions to greet your guests casually, with some snacks from your local shops.

5 aperitifs to try this season

English style

James Pimm's created this famous gin-based aperitif in London in 1840 to accompany the oysters served at his bar. With its bouquet of citrus and herbs and an aromatic profile that matches it, it mixes wonderfully with lemonade or lemon soda to create the Pimm's Cup cocktail, a Wimbledon match classic. Serve with a generous shrimp cocktail.

Italian style

First released about a hundred years ago, this aperitivo is marked by the various herbs and bitter oranges that compose it. Combined with prosecco, the unique bitterness is balanced by an attractive sweetness in a spritz cocktail. Also lends itself to several other cocktails to get your evening off to a good start. To honour the Italian tradition, serve with plain chips and green olives.

Pro Tip:
For a perfect Spritz, follow the 3-2-1 ratios. Meaning 3 parts sparkling wine, 2 parts Aperol and 1 dash of soda.

French style

Another classic: anise alcohol signed Ricard, the original pastis from Marseille. A proud partner of pétanque and picnics, it is served with a little water to see its colour become milky. On the nose and palate, notes of star anise, licorice and aromatic plants from Provence. It’s like a little trip to the south of France from your terrace. With some charcuteries, we say oui.

Pro Tip:
First pour pastis, then some water (five to seven time the volume of Ricard) then chill with some ice, as suggested by La Revue du vin de France.

Luxembourg style

Here is a lovely 100% Pinot Noir rosé sparkling wine from Luxembourg, made using the traditional method. Completely seductive with its aromas of almond, strawberries and floral notes. It offers beautiful freshness and a supple mouthfeel with very fine bubbles. Perfect for a festive aperitif, accompanied by smoked salmon, or salmon rillettes.

Mexican style

Made with Jose Cuervo tequila, grapefruit liqueur and natural flavours, this ready-to-drink Paloma cocktail offers beautiful balance, a subtle taste and a completely refreshing profile. Serve it chilled straight from the colourful can, or on ice in a glass garnished with grapefruit. Judging by customer reviews, all guests will love it. Serve with guac and tortilla chips, naturally.

In pertnership with Pimm’s, Aperol, Ricard, Jose Cuervo et Bernard-Massard.