I’m sure you’ll agree we’re not diving deep into originality when suggesting sparkling wines for Valentine’s Day. Bubblies – and pink ones on top of that – may be a bit clichéd when it comes to professing love, but it’s undeniable that they do have appeal!

Champagne rosés and sparkling rosés are popular, for many reasons – they taste great, often have wonderful freshness, and can pair perfectly with some exceptional dishes. There’s also no denying that a glass of pink bubbly can give a certain je ne sais quoi to a romantic dinner. (Fun fact! Pink Champagne gets its colour from the maceration process, and the hue can range from pale orange to bright pink.) Ultimately, whether or not you’re a fan of February 14, even the most reluctant dinner guest won’t turn down a nice bottle of bubbly and a meal made with – you guessed it – love. Here are a few pink Champagne and sparkling wine and meal pairing suggestions to add a touch of pink to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Or maybe even just your Saturday night celebrations…


The classic

Perfectly pink in every way; a divine pairing for all five senses.

Pain doréPain doré

The big hit

This breakfast classic get a redux for dinner. Add some sophistication to a brioche bun with pink bubbly.


The anti-cliché

Famous sommelier Véronique Rivest enjoys her Champagne with chips, so why not break out the bubbly and nosh on some nachos.