Serve these scary delights with bat-shaped ice cubes, or for more frightful fun, plastic spiders encased in ice!

Mystery MartiniMystery Martini

Mystery Martini

This fruity and refreshing cocktail will give you a chill down the spine! White cranberry juice and herb liqueur together are supernaturally spectacular.

Dark and dreamyDark and dreamy

Dark and Dreamy

Add hocus pocus to your night with this thirst-slaking cocktail of cackling coffee and cola. Dark as night with full moon-like ice cubes, the Dark and Dreamy is a potion to make your Halloween unnervingly successful!

Black velvetBlack velvet

Black Velvet

Beware! The Black Velvet is not what it seems! Sparkling wine tempers the bitterness of the stout in this recipe. So easy even the undead could make it for their otherworldly pals!

El diabloEl diablo

El Diablo

Devilish El Diablo only sounds spicy—it’s actually eerily refreshing! Its red colour is all the witchcraft you need for a monster Halloween celebration!