With a summer-ready dish like trout with grapefruit and almonds, our advisors Marika Milo and Hugo Lanteigne, suggest either a rosé or a white as a perfect pairing! Read on, as each summarizes their choice.

Marika Milo’s pairing pick

Château Puech­-Haut (puech-haut translates to “high hill” in Provençal), is one of Languedoc’s stars, and is made on Gérard Bru’s property—an industrial property converted into a winery, much to the delight of wine lovers everywhere! Bru bought several hectares of vines and built a stone chateau in the style of Montpellier. One could easily say that Mr. Bru is thinking big, and is literally building his reputation rock by rock!

He first planted Grenaches and Syrahs, and then moved on to a variety of other cepages. From 1996 to 2006, he also consulted with famed oenologist Michel Rolland, who worked at his side as winemaster. The Château Puech­-Haut may only be a few decades old, but has firmly established itself within its appellation.

For this week’s recipe, try the Château Puech­Haut Prestige rosé, a blend composed of 60% Grenache and 40% Cinsault. It has a magnificent light, delicate colour, and is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate. It has charming aromas of delicate citrus (grapefruit), watermelon, and flowers. In terms of mouthfeel, fruit also dominates. It’s a gourmet wine, very elegant and unctuous, which pairs wonderfully with the Almondine butter and the fattiness of the trout. It has a supple, refreshing palate that leads with grapefruit, and a long persistent finish that makes it the perfect pairing to this trout recipe. It’s hard not to pick this bottle!

Hugo Lanteigne’s pairing pick

An Austrian white wine? A Grüner Veltliner? Yes, please! It may not be the most popular region or cepage, but it is, however, emblematic of Austria, and has typically Austrian characteristics: dry, lively, with a big personality, and floral, mineral, and spice aromas.

This bottle is no exception, and it’s a good—no, a great!—example of Austrian wine! Its nose is a bit shy at first, with menthol, salty, and straw notes, which opens up into notes of lemon zest, Granny Smith apple, and honey. The palate is also very present: it’s very dry, but becomes direct, strong, and racy.

Especially during summer, why not pair this bottle with trout with grapefruit and almonds! The wine’s freshness and the freshness of the trout, citrus and honey aromas are simply magic with this dish. If you’re looking for an orally orgasmic pairing, this is a perfect pairing for you!