Cranberry crush

Not only is their rich and festive colour pleasing to look at, but their tart flavour also makes them a welcome addition to any cocktail. Feeling adventurous? Try crafting your own cranberry juice: cook the berries in sugar and water, then simply strain through a sieve. Pop your mixture into the fridge to cool and voilà — your very own homemade cranberry juice! For a proudly Canadian cocktail, add a splash of Bold vodka to your glass.

cocktail vodka cranberrycocktail vodka cranberry

Vodka cranberry

Garnishing 101

Get creative when it comes to garnishing your cocktails! Rim your glass with a touch of lemon juice, then gently dip it in coloured candy powder or coconut flakes. For “frosted” cranberries, simply drop them in your glass while they’re still frozen.

A good choice of rum

Havana Club Añejo is the result of a three-year aging period in white oak barrels. This process gives it hints of vanilla, caramelized pear, banana and a hint of smoky oak, which lead to a pleasant finish.

Crushed ice

Here’s a great way to keep your cocktail cool, and make it easier (and more enjoyable!) to drink. Crushed iced acts as a filter for the mint leaves infusing your mojito, so you don’t end up with a mouthful of greens! Crushing your ice is simple: Wrap ice in a clean dishtowel and gently smash with a pestle or rolling pin.

cocktail mojitococktail mojito

Holiday mojito


For a more fragrant cocktail, try using an aromatic spirit such as gin. This one is made with juniper (the core ingredient), coriander, angelica root and liquorice. Produced in Montréal, Portage is a made-in-Quebec gin that’s sure to become your next coup de cœur!

The tradition of bitters

Aperitifs such as Campari, Aperol and Suze are made with bitter plants (like gentian) known for stimulating the appetite. They add a wonderfully spicy note to cocktails and pair beautifully with gin.

cocktail negronicocktail negroni