What are we eating? 

Fondues are fun to do (get it?!) during the cold winter months, and you can enjoy them in a wide variety of ways, which we’ll show you in this issue. You can opt for the classic cheese and white wine fondue, or try a Mongolian fondue with two types of broth. Plus, you can have fun with other fondue-themed dishes such as baked potatoes loaded with cheddar and bacon. And of course, winter just wouldn’t be the season of hygge without a good old-fashioned dessert fondue. We recommend dulce de leche served with a mountain of fruit and cookies… your taste buds will thank you!

See the recipes

Mini baked potatoes

Fondue with Quebec cheese and white wine

Mongolian fondue

Dulce de leche

Homemade red-wine bread

What are we drinking? 

Traditionally, cheese fondue is served with white wine, such as Riesling, but Chardonnay and blond beer also make great pairings. When it comes to Mongolian fondue, try a red Syrah. And remember — rosés are great all year long, even during winter! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not stock up on Port and delicious maple and whisky liqueur?

Pre-dinner pinot 

This Pinot Blanc from Alsace’s Maison Willm makes for a great aperitif thanks to its delicate aromas and refreshing texture. It also goes great with seafood appetizers, mini quiches, sushi and smoked salmon-cucumber canapés. Its liveliness makes it a good choice with cheese fondue, as it’ll balance out the dish’s fattiness.

Photos: Maude Chauvin