Cooking with wine

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Cooking with wine and spirits

They will give your food a subtle boost.

Published on October 20, 2020
Cooking meat with wineCooking meat with wine

Reds, whites and rosés can be used to enhance or replace stock. They can easily be incorporated into a tomato or cream sauce as well.

Sweet and port wines can help glaze a roast duck, caramelize roasted vegetables, or enhance terrines or fruit salads (especially ones with melons).

Baba au RhumBaba au Rhum

Spirits like vodka, rum or gin can flavour cakes, clafoutis, crème caramel, crema catalana, fresh cheese, jams, pancakes…

Eaux-de-vie (pear, prune, grappa) can accompany desserts. The warmth you feel in the mouth counteracts the sweetness of the dessert and enhances its flavours. By the way, kirsch is fabulous in cheese fondues.

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