These compact premixed drinks made with real spirits are great for bringing along when you go camping, have a picnic in the park, enjoy cocktails on the balcony or attend a BBQ with friends. Throw some in your backpack or cooler and celebrate the return of beautiful weather in style!


3 Lacs Limoncello Spritz

Created using the first limoncello produced in Quebec, this sunny-coloured spritz with light, citrusy and ultra refreshing notes will transport you to southern Italy. It’s a versatile little bevvy, just as tasty straight up or on ice, and as an apéritif or a digestif after an al fresco feast! 


Mott's Clamato Caesar


A classic among classics, the Caesar is a perennial favourite. The next time you have dinner at your parent’s place, bring along a variety pack of Mott’s Clamato Caesar—pickled bean, original and extra spicy. Your family will love all the options for adding some spice to their evening!



Noroi Sangria Rosée

Nothing says summer like rosé! And this isn’t just a rosé, it’s also a sangria! This dynamic duo will pair perfectly with a cheese and charcuterie board at your friends’ house. Hosting can be a lot of work, so why not make their life easier by showing up with premixed rosé sangria from Distillerie Noroi. Their eyes will undoubtedly sparkle as much as their drink! With a white wine base and notes of orange and cranberry, it’s sure to delight the whole gang.  ¡Salud!



Shaker Mixologie Compte Dracula Extreme

With a name like that, you can expect a taste that’s got bite! Comte Dracula Extrême from Shaker Mixologie is a ready-to-drink cocktail where sweet meets tart with a mix of tropical fruit, raspberry, grenadine, peach and orange—all with a hint of spiced rum. It’s just the thing for those with summer in their blood! 

White Claw Surf Variety Pack

If you have a friend who’s just dying to break in their new patio, we have just the thing to bring to their deck-warming party: a White Claw Surf variety pack. There’s something for everyone—and for every type of burger, too! Citrus Yuzu, Tropical Pomelo, Watermelon Lime, Wildberry Açai—they each have a distinct, dazzling and refreshing flavour that will beautifully complement a sunny day in good company.

Fruity Faves

Seventh Heavean Raspberry Hibiscus

A cocktail party in the park with your colleagues calls for some fresh salads and sushi—and Raspberry Hibiscus premade drinks from Seventh Heaven! The herbaceous flavour of the gin from this local distillery blends with fruity notes of raspberry and hibiscus that bloom on your tongue. Plus, each pack contains four cans, so it’s perfect for sharing!

Stadaconé White Gingria

You were hoping to have a picnic, but the weather isn’t cooperating? Let this gin-based premixed cocktail from Distillerie Stadaconé make the grey go away. And its subtle flavours of citrus, peach and mango will pair so well with your sandwiches. Fresh, balanced, exotic, delicate, refined, bubbly—it’s summer in a can!

Low-alcohol options

Seventh Heavean Grapefruit Gin Tonic

Rain or shine, the fruity flavour of grapefruit combined with the delicious taste of a gin and tonic and a hint of bitterness is sure to add a touch of sun to your day. The low-alcohol Grapefruit Gin & Tonic from Seventh Heaven works for any number of occasions. Poured into a glass and garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of grapefruit, it’s the ideal accompaniment for summery nibbles!

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