Organic, natural, and local

In 2020, people want to consume differently. They are more informed, consume local products, and are trying to reduce their environmental footprint. They want to get to know the producers better. Never before has there been this much knowledge about wines and spirits. There has never been this many organic and natural wine varieties on SAQ shelves, to the great pleasure of connoisseurs. Origine Québec products are also still on the rise, with consumers excited about local wines. Don’t be surprised if you see Quebec products growing in popularity in 2020, and with good cause, too: Quebec has the perfect climate to create excellent products.

Local spirits

In addition to quality sparkling wines, Quebecers are also interested in locally produced spirits. The local versions of vodka, rum, and whisky are all worth discovering. Not to mention Quebec gins, which compare favourably to those from the Netherlands or the United States! The last few years were prosperous for Quebec gins, which have been taking both consumers and microbreweries by storm. From the most herbaceous to the most floral, there’s something for everyone. The taste tags are a new practical way to discover the various gins available.

un cocktail margaritaun cocktail margarita

Cocktail and food pairings

They have reached new heights in bars, and five-star restaurants all around the world are adding them to their menu… there’s no doubt that cocktails are king in 2020! In addition to wine pairings, pairing food with cocktails is also a thing. This art is claiming its place in Quebec thanks to our talented mixologists, who concoct delicious cocktails using local or other alcohol. With gin being the focus over the past few years, it’s easy to create cocktails offering the perfect balance of bitterness and acidity, pairing nicely with a variety of dishes – think fish or fried food. Negroni, a cocktail made of gin, red vermouth, and Campari, is still very popular; you’ll be happy to hear that it pairs well with aged cheese such as cheddar and parmesan.

Low in alcohol (and low cal)

Low-alcohol products are very popular. This year, consumers want to drink responsibly and are concerned about their calorie intake. Several producers are therefore jumping on the bandwagon, offering up low-alcohol wines and beers. Ciders also have a lower alcohol content and are growing in popularity.


Curious consumers can find inspiration through Winefluencers, who are increasingly present on social media. Using their Instagram or Facebook pages, podcasts, or newsletters, they suggest wines from SAQ’s newest arrivals and share their most recent favourites. Often fans of organic or natural wines, they provide wine lovers the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by discovering smaller producers and the latest trends.

“We can exist because people understand that you sometimes need to think outside the box to gain something. When it comes to natural wine, there is room for passion and for learning,” says Julien Nolin of Beau Joe. – Quote taken from an article by Ève Dumas published in La Presse on November 16, 2019

Check out @Vincentsulfite,, @thebeaujoe, and @orioux on Instagram to guide you in your discoveries!

Top 5 drinks of 2020 according to the internet:

Pet-nat wines: These natural sparkling wines are increasingly present on our tables.
Eastern European wines: People are curious about wines from Georgia and Romania, for instance.
Maceration wine (orange wine): This white wine is fermented like a red. It is growing in popularity, both locally and internationally.
Box wines: The perfect format for big celebrations, box wines are all the rage this year!
Ready-to-drink: Premixed cocktails will still be among us in 2020.

Photos: Marie des neiges Magnan