A unique touch

At Quebec-based Crème de menthe de Isabelle distillery, Les Subversifs, they had an entirely different conception of the spirit. Under their house brand, they concocted a version of the old-time spirit that was crystalline and sophisticated, made from peppermint instead of the typical green spearmint. As a result, La Crème de Menthe de Isabelle is lively with a touch of spice, and far from grandma’s traditional drink!

Classics, revisited

Sipped alone or mixed with sparkling water or tonic, crème de menthe is as refreshing as it is soothing. If you want to breathe new life into tired cocktail recipes, why not try combining it with quality cognac to lend a modern touch to your traditional Stinger.

So happy together

Minty aromas are also an excellent contrast to spirits with smoky notes (for example, some whiskies) or those with bitter notes (such as those found in Italian amaros). Crème de menthe offers a lot of interesting possibilities – all you need to do is give it a fresh look

The Mojito 2.0

Rum and crème de menthe, together at last. This duo is a natural fit – especially when you consider the mighty mojito: fresh mint, sugar and rum. A spoonful of crème de menthe can give a tasty boost to this summer classic; a large amount added to rum and lime turns your classic mojito into an expressive, fresh, sunny cocktail – the Mojito 2.0.

A little bit, a lot of the time

Mixologist Jean-François Laurence is set to open his brand new bar L’Écumeur, in Repentigny, and is an unabashed fan of the minty spirit. Laurence has this advice for those wanting to savour it: “I use it as a complementary element, with Martinique-made rum, pisco, grappa or tequila. You can also make a low-alcohol cocktail by adding just a touch of crème de menthe to non-alcoholic ingredients for a designated-driver-friendly cocktail. I also like to spritz it on cocktails, just to add a hint of freshness, without changing the cocktail’s taste.”


Illustration: Valérie Bertrand