The Saint-Jean-Baptiste long weekend is the perfect time to relax, be out in the sun and share a few drinks with friends. Discover something new by trying a product that showcases local expertise and tastes like a summer vacation! These imaginative ready-to-drink cocktails will take your taste buds on a journey from Cuba and Italy to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine and Gaspésie—and you won’t even have to pack a bag. Fleur-de-lis flag and flip flops are optional, but highly recommended. 

Nature's candy, courtesy of the local terroir

We’re as wild about strawberry season here as we are about locally made beverages! Distillerie Comont in the Eastern Townships produces spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails, including a tasty strawberry daiquiri for those who can never get enough of this summer fruit. Delectably sweet and refreshing, this regional version of the popular Cuban refreshment is made with Comont sugar cane spirit, strawberry juice and lime juice. Take a sip with your eyes closed and picture yourself lounging under a palm tree to heighten the experience. Cocktail umbrella not included. 


Isla de Montreal

Let the Sainte-Marie Mojito transport you to happy hour in Havana! This ubiquitous summer cocktail brings together Quebec and Cuba, birthplace of the mojito and quintessential sun destination. Plus, it’s available in a pack of four 355 ml cans. The molasses-based Sainte-Marie rum—whose name is inspired by Montreal’s old Faubourg à m’lasse neighbourhood—gives it notes of pepper and vanilla, while homegrown cranberries give it a beautiful red hue. The fresh taste of lime and the herbaceous hints of mint make it a simply irresistible mojito. ¡Buen viaje!


Freshness guaranteed

This premade beverage will take you to Spain, where the sounds of castanets and flamenco music ring loud on a hot summer night. Bom Dia Sangria is a white sangria that’s bottled in Quebec and available in a pack of four 355 ml cans. This crisp, fruity and refreshing drink is fantastically versatile—serve it instead of a mimosa to switch it up at brunch, or pack it in your bag for your next cocktail hour, picnic or BBQ.


Discovering a world of flavour

As the name suggests, Distilleries des Appalaches in Lévis wants to send you on an interstellar odyssey, and all you need is their twist on the classic gin and tonic. This ready-to-drink cocktail is made with their Kepler Stellaire gin and features the fruity aroma of black raspberry and blood orange, balanced by the freshness of lemon and rosemary. Simple, versatile and refreshing, this spirit-based cooler is sure to be a hit with everyone, whatever the occasion—and it comes in a convenient pack of four 355 ml cans. 


Island vibes

Deftly combining the best of Italy and the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, this sunny premade beverage has a perfectly balanced bittersweet flavour that’ll awaken your taste buds. With notes of tropical fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice and orange peel, this canned concoction pays tribute to everyone’s favourite Gentian-based cocktail from Venice. Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of folks who reside on the Quebec archipelago, it’ll encourage you to live on island time and savour the long weekend! 


The spice of life

Last stop: the Caribbean. This ready-to-drink cocktail from Ungava Spirits Co. is bottled in Quebec and made with boreal spices from the Gaspésie mountains that give it its name. Their Chic Choc spiced rum is combined with a peppery ginger soda, creating a mix that’s sure to spice things up at your next happy hour! 


These delicious ready-to-drink cocktails pair beautifully with grilled fare, appetizers and other little snacks. They’ll truly tempt your taste buds, while allowing you to support local businesses. We hope you have fun tasting Quebec’s rich offering over the long weekend. Happy Saint-Jean! 

In partnership with:  Distillerie Ungava, Distillerie des Appalaches, Comont Maîtres Distillateurs, Club Local Cocktails et Spiritueux and Groupe Triani.

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