And why is that? Because when planted in flat, fertile fields and plains, it becomes very productive and very light (almost too light). However, in the 90s, some talented wine producers, like Alvaro Palacios and Raúl Pérez realized the potential of these old vines, which had been practically abandoned along hillsides so steep that they had to be planted in terraces just to contain the little available soil. Needless to say that wines produced under such conditions are of a completely different order!

Aromas of refreshing red and black berries, notes of graphite, elegant peppery undertones: the best mountain Mencias resemble the Syrahs of the Northern Rhone and show an almost comparable ageing potential. In lighter versions, it remains a surprisingly good Spanish wine. A second life well deserved.

The rebirth of the Mencia in northwest Spain illustrates the evolution of global consumption. With wine enthusiasts constantly seeking higher quality and more originality, wine producers have turned to varieties with more personality that know how to stand out from the rest of the competition.

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