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Holiday season

The holidays,
your way

When it comes time to celebrate the holidays, everyone has their secret recipe! Surprising gifts, fun cocktails, unusual pairings, new rituals - discover an array of original ways to create unique moments.


with Loounie

This holiday season, we’ve teamed up with Loounie (aka Caroline Huard!) to help you explore all things vegan, whether you’re a vegan diehard or just curious. There’s no better time to discover this affordable and delicious option and get cooking!


Host on a budget

with Guillaume Lambert

Want to wow your guests without paying the price of rhinestones and sequins?

Guillaume Lambert, actor, director and bargain hunter, gives you some pretty tips so that your next happy hour is as frugal as it is brilliant! Put on a champagne spread on a beer budget.

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Martin JuneauMartin Juneau

Holiday takeout

with Martin Juneau

Delicious holiday dishes to enjoy without actually having to cook them (or do the dishes)!

New ways to celebrate,
whatever your style


Inspiration for a 100%
local Christmas!

Everything you need to create a memorable holiday feast!

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100% local

Create new traditions with local flavours.

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Alcohol-free is where it’s at,

with Preach

Emerging trend? New tradition? In our opinion, the alcohol-free option is here to stay.

Erich Preach, comedian, host and dance teacher, add another string to his bow and improvises himself as alcohol-free mixologist. Reinvented classics decorated with festively sliced little limes are on the menu!

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All about the holidays

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  1. Brunch

    Post-holiday chilling

    Festive brunch, impromptu happy hour, laidback lunch… the holidays done differently are the perfect time to create festive little occasions at home. Here are three simple recipes you can throw together in no time, using last night’s yummy leftovers!

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  2. Christmas trees made with wine corks

    5 DIY Holiday decorations to make with wine corks

    No need to rack your brain or spend a fortune to add a touch of holiday magic to your home! With just a little imagination and time, many everyday objects can easily be upcycled into festive holiday decorations.

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  3. "Bella Italia!"

    "Bella Italia!"

    They’re intense, passionate, romantic and proud; their melodious language embodies different accents from region to region, as do their culinary specialties and wines. Italians love to talk, to eat and to linger at the table, as if time didn’t matter, because this moment reunites two very important values for them: pleasure and family.

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  4. festive salad for Holidays

    The secret to a good salad

    Add a dose of freshness to your holiday meals with a light and festive salad.

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  5. Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    We take a closer look at this globally loved product, perfect for celebrating the holidays.

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  6. Québec cheeses and complementary pairings

    Cheese pairings: Try something new!

    Hosting a wine-and-cheese-themed evening is always a sure-fire success! For a modern take on a cheese tray, seek out Québec cheeses and complementary pairings that stray a bit from the beaten path.

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  7. Party time!

    Party time!

    Kick off the festivities with a reinvented version of a buffet classic: devilled eggs with smoked salmon.

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  8. roasted pork plate

    It's dinnertime

    Here’s a ham recipe that’s both original and delicious. Plus, it’s easy and inexpensive–perfect for feeding a crowd!

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  9. Perfect holiday pairings
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Perfect holiday pairings

    Pop the bubbly and discover the perfect pairings for each taste tag!

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  10. Let the party begin!

    Let the party begin!

    Raise your glass to holiday magic and the New Year... but before you do, make sure to fill it with one of our festive cocktail recipes! Party punch, bubbly cocktails, cider- based drinks—we have something for all your seasonal celebrations!

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  11. cake

    Christmas cake!

    End the evening on a magical merry note with this magnificent star-shaped cake.

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  12. Turkey

    Turkey and all the trimmings

    Elevate your turkey game with our flavourful spirit-infused stuffing ideas. Success guaranteed!

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