The Juneau family revisits the classics

Chef and businessman Martin Juneau describes himself as his family’s food provider during the holidays for the past 20 years! As far as his preferences and routines, they’re pretty conservative: “I like the Quebec classics my mother cooks so wonderfully, like Montréal tourtière, pork shank and meatball stew with plenty of fruit ketchup and a Swiss roll. His family also likes to try variations on poultry by cooking up guinea fowl, duck or quail instead. “When I make turkey, I cook the breasts and thighs separately so nothing gets dry. Then, I try fun things with the squash, potatoes and other root vegetables on the side. Definitely delicious,” says Juneau.

Martin Juneau’s takeout

La Belle Tonki

When it comes to restaurants with takeout options, Martin Juneau has nothing but praise for La Belle Tonki, his absolute favourite this year. “I discovered it when I was trying to find the best poutine in Montréal. I just stumbled upon this gem and its Asian comfort food. The kimcheesy is amazing and so is the banh mi burger. And don’t miss the fried tofu. The added bonus for me is that there are natural wines on a list that’s ever-changing,” explains Juneau. It’s the perfect choice when you need a break from meat pie and turkey this holiday season.

Super Qualité

Super Qualité snack bar is a whirlwind trip to India that Martin Juneau qualifies as “totally crazy!” With two addresses in Montréal, Super Qualité has charmed him so much that just thinking about it makes his mouth water: “The balance of all the spices is so impressive! Go there for the new takes on curries, chili paneer and, especially, the best okra in town, breaded in chickpea flour and served with tamarind chutney.” 


During the pandemic, Martin Juneau and Alexandre Loiseau opened up Chabanelle, which has fantastic takeout options. “From soups, salads and sandwiches to hot and super comforting dishes, poke bowls and pastries from Les Touriers,” says the chef. It’s another awesome local choice in a neighborhood that’s full of great options for holiday brunch.


When we asked Martin Juneau what restaurant had wowed him, he said: “Hélicoptère and all its takeout options. I like the simplicity of the dishes and choice of desserts, with a fantastic list of Quebec wines, beers and ciders.” Located on Rue Ontario, it’s the perfect place for festive pre-dinner drinks or a holiday meal made with great finesse. 

Takeout outside Montréal

The province has so many gourmet addresses where you can pick up holiday dishes for your table. Martin Juneau has a soft spot for Albacore, in Quebec, which offers a Christmas menu (quantities are limited) and house menus. He also recommends Épi, a friendly neighborhood taproom in Trois-Rivières. During the holidays, there’s a tourtière to order ahead of time (pick up on December 23) and a special Mauricie-style poutine for New Year’s Day (pick up on December 31).

Martin also shared some of his favourite bottles with us: wines from Domaine de Courbissac and by Mylène Bru. To get the best bang for your buck, he recommends Vinedos Singulares Afortunado Rueda.

We hope Martin Juneau’s suggestions have inspired you and will help you spend a relaxing evening away from the stove—until your next holiday gathering, that is! Cheers and bon appétit!