Home for the holidays

At the Lépine-Blondeau’s, the holidays are about having fun, taking it easy and enjoying time together. “At our house, the holidays are sacred. We all get together as a family. My mother cooks, and we eat and play boulette all afternoon,” shared Magalie. What aromas and flavours make her most nostalgic? Her aunt Diane’s meat pie made with game caught by her godfather Pierre.

Celebrating the art of wine

As the host of Supernaturel : histoires de vin nature, a wine show filmed in seven countries, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau had the opportunity to gain very personal and intimate knowledge of wines and champagnes, which she has a particular fondness for. “There’s something in the effervescence—a joy and excitement. And it brings people together,” she explained.  

What do Magalie’s suggestions all have in common? Each one is produced according to methods that respect the land, and the winemakers are all hard workers who believe in offering refined and delicate wines and champagnes of the highest quality.

Champagne Fleury Fleur de L’Europe, a champagne to build memories

“This is a champagne that will create a moment,” affirmed Magalie, as she remembered the first time she tried Fleury champagne, produced in the Fleury family’s century-old house by winemaker Benoît, cellar manager Jean-Sébastien and marketing manager Morgane. The actress has only good things to say about the family business. “They’re pioneers in biodynamic winemaking. Thirty years ago, it was an audacious decision to convert the vineyard. They have an artistic vision. For them, it’s an emotional vocation. Everyone in the family has a part to play,” she said. “This 85% pinot champagne is supple, vibrant, fresh and gourmand, with just a hint of brioche.”

Domaine André Et Mireille Tissot Brut Crémant du Jura, bold and versatile

When asked about this crowd-pleasing crémant, Magalie starts off by saying: “A bottle is more than the liquid inside. It’s a story that’s connected to elements like the climate.” The conditions in the exceptional terroirs of Les Bruyères and La Mailloche are what help make Tissot wines so exceptional. In keeping with the principles of biodynamics, the grapes are grown without chemicals so the soil can evolve naturally. Tissot’s crémant is a blend of chardonnay. “It’s light, structured and dry and has a wonderful density. Perfect as an aperitif and with dinner,” said Magalie.

Massimago Zurlie, a daring sparkling rosé

The very fine bubbles in this 500-ml screw-cap bottle bring back great memories for Magalie, who loves to open one with her father: “It’s a really fun sparkling. With 11% alcohol, it’s light and bright.” That makes it a great choice for an Italian Kir. With only two ingredients—sparkling wine and crème de cassis—the drink doesn’t take anything away from the product. 

Pascal Doquet Horizon Blanc de Blancs Brut, a sparkling wine for holiday brunch

Winemaker Pascal Doquet, who works with his wife Laure, is the president of the Association des champagnes biologiques. This timeless “invitation to champagne”, as Magalie likes to call it, relies on indigenous yeasts: microorganisms from the natural environment that develop on the surface of the grapes or the stones in the winery or village where the wine is produced and enable fermentation. Perfect for celebrating!

Fattoria di Vaira Ancestrale, as charming as it surprising

This sparkling wine requires an open mind. “It’s a bit cloudy, with bubbles that barely tickle the palate. Just bold enough and unpretentious. It’s the type of sparkling I’d like to make!” declared Magalie. An excellent option when you’re looking to go off the beaten track, this unique wine will charm any aficionado with a thirst for something new!

Cocktails à base de champagne Cocktails à base de champagne

We want to wish Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, her family and all of you a very happy holiday season, with delicious dishes and excellent wines that will inspire you and charm your guests! 

Happy New Year!

Cover Picture : Magalie Lépine-Blondeau at Bar à flot in Montreal