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Ubald Distillery—from field to bottle

Set a course for the magnificent Ubald Distillery, located on Route 363 in—you guessed it—Saint-Ubalde, in the area around Portneuf. A unique place where terroir and tradition combine to produce Ubald’s famous potato vodka as well as their Vallée gins, available in herbaceous and zesty varieties.

Published on November 1, 2022

oThe Ubald team starts off by explaining that the distillery’s main differentiator is that the local soil is the basis for crafting their spirits. Ubald is one of only three Quebec distilleries where, in addition to making alcohol, the owners work with agronomists to promote a circular economy, from grain to bottle. Growing, harvesting, fermenting, distilling, and bottling all take place on site. And any ingredient that isn’t grown in their fields comes from other local producers, like the potatoes from Patates Dolbec that aren’t sold commercially. The result is 100% Quebec gin from the Portneuf region.

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Originality and authenticity

Owners Pascale Vaillancourt, Hugo D’Astous, Stéphan Dolbec and Josée Petitclerc founded the distillery during the pandemic. Despite the challenges that posed, they never lost sight of their objective—to offer an authentic, one-of-a-kind product that showcases flavours unique to the region. Ubald’s spirits are the result of different secret recipes made with local products. On my visit to the distillery, I particularly enjoyed smelling and discovering the herbs and spices used to enhance their premium alcohol, such as rosemary, lemon balm, juniper berries, sea buckthorn, and many more.

Passion and devotion

My visit to Ubald taught me that thinking big and dreaming big is a beautiful thing, even when the odds are stacked against you. I discovered an attractively decorated distillery and a fully functional warehouse. Just over two years ago, the old building was completely run down, according to the owners… It’s incredible what they’ve managed to do with it! What’s more, they needed specific, high-performance materials to make their spirits. Their Italian-made still left me speechless—such a gargantuan and majestic piece of equipment! It alone warrants a visit—and why not, given that the distillery’s doors are now open not just to lovers of gin and vodka, but to anyone who wants to learn more about Ubald’s story and the making of its products. 

The owners shared their future plans with me, and I’ll tell you a secret: they have even more surprises in store! My tour wrapped up with a tasting, and I found out I have a weakness for their Vallée Herbaceous Gin and its notes of rosemary, which I’ll use the next time I make mojitos or Gin Caesars. Many thanks to the entire team for such a warm welcome and for introducing me to their Origine Québec products. I couldn’t have chosen a better day than the Saint-Jean Baptiste holiday to discover this local treasure! 


220, route 363,
Québec, G0A 4L0

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