When the season turns chilly, we change our cooking accordingly. And our wine pairings too. Rosés and whites with lively acidity give way to more enveloping vintages. You’ll also notice an ingredient that seems to stake a bigger claim in your kitchen: the mushroom.

It’s an ingredient that marries well with several styles of wine. Don’t hesitate to use your full arsenal of gastronomic card tricks to create a great food and wine pairing.

The "Élevage" card

Whether white or red, wines that have been kept in oak casks usually pair very well with mushroom-based dishes. If the aging period is more perceptible in the wine, don’t hesitate to cook your mushrooms to a deep brown colour. The more intense heat will bring flavours reminiscent of the barrel, which gives wine notes of toast and a roasted flavour. With this in mind, go for a white wine and serve Castello di Pomino de Marchesi from Frescobaldi with a creamy mushroom risotto.



The "Rive droite" card

Bordeaux wines from the “Rive Droite” (Right Bank) develop truffle aromas over time. On the Pomerol side especially, the iron contained in the soil plays a big role in creating the aroma of this most noble mushroom. But there’s no need to take out a bank loan: A few drops of black truffle oil on the plate alongside a nice slice of leg of lamb and sautéed mushrooms will be enough to elevate your meal and pay homage to that precious bottle you’ve been saving.


The joker

To explore the more minor viticultural regions, get out your joker and try a white from Jura. Amongst the many possible great pairings, chicken in cream with morel mushrooms will dazzle your taste buds alongside the region’s well-known specialty, yellow wine. But before attempting this fairly pricey pairing, try a wine from the same variety using the same winemaking approach, like Arbois de la Cave de la Reine Jeanne. It might just surprise you.