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Little information was circulating about the 2023 before the Semaine des Primeurs, an exciting event we all look forward to every year. The discreet murmurs suggested that this vintage had been punctuated by changing and unpredictable climatic conditions. Ultimately, these circumstances will have given great aromatic complexity to the berries on both banks. However, the work on the property was not over in this wine-growing region whose reputation transcends vintages... 

Indeed, the numerous decisions taken by the properties were crucial throughout the 2023 seasons and were just as important in the winery. With maturities that can reach perfection on Merlots and Cabernets, it became important to favour a delicate approach to preserve the balance between the aromatic complexity and freshness of the vintage. During this week of tastings, we were able to observe a crystallization of this new facet of Bordeaux: wines extracted and marked by wood are now giving way to distinguished, fresh wines of great finesse. In Bordeaux, nothing is left to chance and every detail undergoes meticulous care to ensure an elegant style, of undeniable quality typical of Bordeaux! 

Although 2023 is a so-called heterogeneous vintage left and right, certain regions shone brightly, particularly in Pomerol where the Merlots were succulent and very high quality. Also, we had a lot of fun tasting and enjoying the complexity already present in the wines from Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe and Pauillac. The wines are full of fruit, marked by powdery−creamy even−tannins and an accessibility conferred by this refreshing acidity promising aging potential for those who wish to wait. Also, you’ll find hits in both white and red from Pessac, which continues to impress vintage after vintage. Generally speaking, the production in this vintage is considerable and you will find in the vast majority of wines a lively energy and sapidity. 

Some 700 km later and more than 350 wines tasted, we are pleased to present to you an offer of Bordeaux primeurs 2023, available online soon, which will delight you both with the accessibility of the wines and their aging potential.

In the words of Guillaume Pouthier from Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion:

“Bordeaux is giving the consumer a gift this year by giving them the choice to enjoy the 2023 whenever they wish!".

With its very attractive prices and undeniable quality, the 2023 vintage promises to offer exceptional value, another precious gift for lovers of great wines! 

- Gilles Goulet, France account Director and Maxime Desjardins, France Buyer