Nouveau wines


Vins nouveaux

Available for purchase almost immediately after they’ve been harvested and fermented, so-called nouveau wines are the ideal wines to sip on any night of the week with their lively tannins and aromas of strawberry, banana and flowers.

Published on October 20, 2021

Nouveau wines are simple and light, but according to critics, are never all that exciting. And yet, the very essence of these wines is that they are festive, exuberant, fresh, gourmet, with the power to bring people together! The arrival of nouveau wines is the perfect excuse to invite your friends over, open a bottle of wine that has just been harvested and party the night away! Affordable and accessible, nouveau wines are the perfect introduction to the world of oenology.

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In a world where expert opinion is extremely accessible, and quality-price ratio is a popular concept, we’ve become well-informed consumers, always on the lookout for the next best purchase: nouveau wines are exactly that! Nouveau-time is the perfect occasion to celebrate the reason for drinking wine in the first place: because it’s good, because it’s simple, because it allows us to laugh with friends around a plate of cheese and charcuteries, glass in hand. It’s simply fun to herald the arrival of nouveau wines (or the fact that it’s Thursday . . . it’s all relevant!). Wine is often just an excuse to get together with friends and create a moment, so go ahead and do just that . . .


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