Still somewhat of a mystery, German wines are experiencing a refreshing renewal. Steeped in tradition and the rich heritage of Old World wines (Germany’s oldest vineyards were planted in the Roman period!), they offer a broad range of modern and versatile choices—a variety of reds, whites and even oranges that are generally dry (trocken) and refined. There’s certainly something for everyone, including half-dry (halbtrocken), semi-sweet and sweet wines (süss). Pleasant and fresh with low to moderate alcohol levels, German wines are perfect for every occasion, from tasting to toasting.

Schäfer-Fröhlich Trocken Rivaner Nahe 2018

This dry single varietal Müller-Thurgau, which is also called rivaner, reveals its floral and slightly citrusy notes with moderate acidity. Try it on a terrace, at a picnic or with butter-braised asparagus.

Thorle Dry Riesling Rheinhessen 2019

This biodynamic wild-fermented offering is a sheer delight. Superbly balanced and fantastically aromatic, it evokes apple, pear and lime. The first impression invigorates as it leads to a delicious minerality and slight smokiness. It’s the perfect choice for pre-dinner drinks or a seafood entrée. With snow crab? Divine! 

I Heart Riesling

This light and versatile riesling is sure to please. Serve it with a green salad, ricotta toast or grilled nectarines to reveal its fresh fruity side and aromas of honey, peach and lime. It’s right in time for summer and best served cold and in the sun! 

Hans Baer Pinot Noir Rheinhessen

Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-growing region, sits to the south where the Rhine twists and turns. Local spätburgunder (pinot noir), which requires a lot of care, relies on cherry and strawberry notes elevated by peppery accents. Supple and silky smooth, it complements Portuguese-style chicken and even your favourite all-dressed pizza!

Moselland JG Pinot Noir

Covering nearly a quarter of Germany’s wine growing area and well known for its reds, the Palatinate has a mild climate that is especially well suited to pinot noir. Refreshing, easygoing and fruity, this Moselland offering goes wonderfully with white meats and poultry.

Burg Ravensburg Riesling

Over 760 years of history make Burg Ravensburg one of Germany’s oldest properties, and its 110 hectares of organic production make it among the country’s largest producers. The vineyard’s taut, chalky and fruity riesling is a sparkling aperitif and great match for seafood. 

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