More and more of you are deciding to ease up on alcohol, whether momentarily to take on a challenge or to adopt new long-term habits. What makes it difficult is changing said habits or finding the same level of enthusiasm for a less… complex product. Fortunately, interesting options have multiplied in recent years. Sans producers have managed to mimic flavour and aroma subtleties thanks to calculated recipes and novel processes. So, without further ado, here are 13 interesting low-alcohol alternatives for your next festive or cozy moments.

For cozy evenings and peppy mornings

This liqueur was inspired by the classic and offers notes of almond and cherry on the nose, and almond and maple syrup on the palate. Ideal for low-alcohol cocktails or to boost your after-dinner coffee. Good to know: the producer's website specifies that the product is also certified allergen-free.

Local spritz

This spritz-like sparkling cider offers a nice balance between citrus, bitterness, sweetness and bubbles. To top it all off, it’s vegan and gluten-free. An Origine Québec aperitif that everyone loves, according to your comments.

Part beer, part kombucha

Le BockAle, a micro-brewery located in Drummondville, claims to produce the “best non-alcoholic beers”. We’ll let you be the judge with this mix between beer and kombucha with a sour and tangy raspberry taste. The product is pasteurized and additionally, has a mere 50 calories per can.

G&T: fooled you

One of the first products to break the boundaries of (almost) alcohol-free products, Brise-Glace is garnering praise from customers. The producer even challenges you to see the difference between a real Gin & Tonic and his Brise-Glace. Could you tell the difference?

Just like at the beach

If you can't fly to a sunny destination, treat yourself to another almost alcohol-free ready-to-drink from Noroi. The Paloma has notes of grapefruit and a finish reminiscent of tequila. Slip on your flip flops and serve it with chicken quesadillas and grapefruit salsa.

B for bubbly and brunch

A sparkling rosé wine with 0.05% alcohol and at a low price? It's worth a try at your next brunch, on its own or in a mimosa. Or as an aperitif, or in a cocktail. Pretty much all occasions, as you see.

A new genre of gin

Noroi offers us a very special product that promises as much complexity, or almost as much, thanks to a unique technology. A host of aromatics combine to create this gin-flavoured distilled spirit, specially designed to concoct (nearly) alcohol-free cocktails.

For cocktails fit for a captain

This time Noroi takes us to the Caribbean with this refined, distilled, unfiltered spirit featuring flavours of molasses and spices. A must for the very, very low alcohol version of the classic rum and cola.

Si si

The iconic Martini brand is adapting to the changing market with a new version of its famous aperitif, this time under 0.5% alcohol. Vibrante is a delicious herb-flavoured de-alcoholised red wine that is great served over ice, half and half with tonic and lots of ice cubes.

A hit in your reviews

Light, delicate and refreshing, this alcohol-free sparkling wine offers accents of peach, honeydew melon and Muscat grape. Perfect for brunch or to make your almost alcohol-free cocktails. The most appreciated according to customer reviews, at a low price point too.

In partnership with Distillerie Noroi; Microbrasserie Le BockAle; Société Commerciale Clément; Univins et Spiritueux; VI-NO-ZE-RO; et Martini.