With canned ready-to-drink cocktails, festive low-alcohol products and go-to rosés, options abound when it comes to choosing the best beverages to pair with the warmer weather. With such a wide variety, it isn’t always easy to make a choice.

Here’s a selection of rosés, ready-to-drink beverages and low-alcohol products that are particularly suited to spending time outdoors. Get out the cooler or ice bucket, and let the good times roll!


Sangria Loléa no 1

It’s Friday (or not!), the sun is shining and you’re invited for impromptu cocktails on a balcony or patio? You need something that’s easy to bring and share. Sangria Loléa is a superb choice, with a refreshing fruity taste that’s like summer in a bottle. Plus, the bottle is as pretty as can be! Made with all-natural ingredients, this Mediterranean aperitif is at its best served very cold with ice and orange and lemon slices. 

Zonin Prosecco Rosé Brut 2021

Highly versatile, prosecco has the ability to dazzle and bring people together while remaining an affordable luxury. The rosé version of the iconic Zonin label is a classic choice that won’t disappoint, with its fruity, aromatic bouquet and notes of golden apple and red fruit, namely wild strawberries. Perfect for raising a glass to friendship!

Sunny low-alcohol selections

Jardin Verde Gin Tonic Zero

Looking to sip a refreshing cocktail, but one that’s low in alcohol? Look no further! With its unique cucumber and basil flavour, this Origine Québec product, which comes in a case of 4 cans, is ideal for taking along on your summer adventures. Plus, each drink is only 80 calories. Hurray! 

Corona Sunbrew

Ideal for hot days, this golden lager is light and refreshing as can be. With its delicate taste and low-alcohol content (0.01%), it pairs beautifully with sunbathing or a spectacular sunset—it even contains vitamin D. What says summer better than that? 

With a delicious salad

Borsao Seleccion Campo de Borja

This dry rosé from the Fruity and medium-bodied taste tag is the ideal companion for your summer salads. Garnish them with grilled nuts, chicken and shredded parmesan to create a flavourful marriage with the rosé’s floral, spicy and red berry notes. 

Kim Crawford

Overflowing with berry and watermelon notes, this rosé with its lively aroma and vibrant colour goes perfectly with salads and light meals alike. Its deep colour comes from the maceration process used during production (the longer the maceration, the deeper the colour). Now that’s a conversation-starter!

Domaine de Lavoie 2022

This refreshing vintage with crisp raspberry and strawberry aromas pairs perfectly with fresh, simple dishes like melon and bocconcini salad, or a spinach salad with shrimp, strawberries and a balsamic vinaigrette. And this well-loved rosé also comes in cans—perfect for when you’re on the go!

For laidback dinners

S. de La Sablette Coteaux Varois en Provence

This rosé honours its Provençal roots, with its fruity, floral notes that are reminiscent of the sunny climate of this beautiful region. Not only is it a sure-fire value, but its freshness and dry, light flavour profile make it the ideal choice with simple tomato-based dishes like bruschetta or a burrata and heirloom tomato appetizer.

Pétale de Rose

A Provençal rosé par excellence, this organic wine is an instant favourite and its popularity is well deserved. With its buttery texture and anise, strawberry, peach and floral notes, it combines depth and elegance. Ideal for cocktails or with shrimp-stuffed avocado or a sundried tomato pasta salad.

Coteau Rougemont Versant 2021

Both invigorating and thirst-quenching, this rosé can be enjoyed simply as an aperitif, but it will also please your guests served alongside light dishes like trout en papillote, grilled fish or white meat, or even seasonal fruit. It has a floral, fruity bouquet where notes of grapefruit, wild strawberry and redcurrant blend harmoniously. 

In partnership with Bodegas Borsao, Vignoble et cidrerie Domaine de Lavoie, BluePearl Distillerie, Fréchette Vins d'exception, LOLEA, Charton Hobbs Québec, Zonin 1821, Kim Crawford, Coteau Rougemont and Corona.