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NOROI: Great taste, no compromise!

Mocktails and other low-alcohol options are more popular than ever. Dive into a world of discovery and flavour!

Published on January 5, 2022

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, NOROI Distillery began its operations in March 2019. Its artisans are driven by a passion to innovate and create spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails, including a selection of low-alcohol options, that never compromise on taste!

Interestingly, the distillery doesn’t rely on a dealcoholisation process. Instead, the research and development team in the NOROI labs finds ways to perfectly replicate the flavours of classic drinks. The secret? Accuracy and attention to detail to recreate the tastes and aromas of spirits and other alcohol-based products.

New at Noroi

Also new at NOROI is the Esprit-du-Tennessee whisky-flavoured low-alcohol spirit. Its light notes caramel and American oak will give your mocktails the woody aromas you’re craving. Just add ice, a twist of lime and ginger ale or stir up an electric cocktail with citrus liqueur and tonic water.

Among NOROI Distillery’s newest editions is a raspberry mojito that will whisk you away to the tropics this winter! Discover all the lightness of the mojito’s tangy zing without the heaviness of alcohol. Serve over ice with fresh mint leaves and raspberries. 

4 low-alcohol products to try

Esprit-de-London is for gin aficionados! Juniper berry, coriander, angelica, elderflower, ginger, bitter orange, lemon verbena and fresh lemon and orange come together in this complex low-alcohol gin. Use it to shake up any of your favourite cocktails! 

The very first low-alcohol gin and tonic sold at the SAQ, Brise-Glace is all about taste. The standout juniper notes make it hard to believe there’s no actual gin! Drink it straight from the can or pour over ice with a slice of lemon!

All of Noroi products

Curious to discover more Noroi products? Discover their entire selection right here.

In partnership with the NOROI Distillery

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