A digestif is an alcoholic drink meant to be sipped slowly after a meal. While cognacs, calvados and whiskies are long-standing classics, the digestif category is much broader, with something for every palate. A drink instead of dessert? Absolutely! Considering the popularity of local labels, which are becoming more and more diversified, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? With so many Quebec spirits to choose from, you’re sure to find something sweet that will make your guests linger just a little while longer. 

Crème de la crème

No doubt about it: cream-based spirits are very on-trend, largely thanks to the creativity of Quebec producers. In recent years, the sheer number of local creams has exploded. There are so many flavours, from maple to vanilla, chocolate and more, and they’re all rich, smooth, sweet and irresistible! With coffee, on ice or in a luscious cocktail, a crème is the perfect substitute for dessert. If you can’t decide between dessert and a digestif, pour your favourite crème over your favourite vanilla ice cream for a doubly decadent treat!  

Keep it fresh!

Don’t forget: once opened, spirits that contain cream must be kept in the refrigerator. Otherwise, oxidation could alter the taste. And keep an eye on the expiration date! 

Looking for more information on storing open bottles? Follow this link.

Versatile liqueur

Because they all start out with a spirit that’s flavoured and sweetened, liqueurs come in an impressive variety of flavours. That diversity is the perfect opportunity to showcase local ingredients and the richness of Quebec’s terroir. From berry to apple and maple, there’s something for everyone and so many products that are as tasty as they are unique. Liqueurs often serve as a base for cocktails, which are a fantastic way to discover new products. Neat or on the rocks, they also make excellent digestifs.

Old classics, new classics

No piece on digestifs would be complete without mentioning the classic spirits and eaux-de-vie. New local whiskies—many of which are grain to glass—are making their débuts on shelves, and more are coming. There are also many eaux-de-vie made right here in Quebec, often with a maple or apple base, along with a few new brandies. Flavoured spirits make superb digestif, so why not try a maple whisky to end your meal on a sweet note?