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What do we drink in Quebec? But above all, what do we appreciate the most? You probably won't be surprised to learn that wine is still in the lead with nearly 73% of SAQ sales all by itself. Spirits are maintaining their popularity, while the popularity of ready-to-drink beverages is in full swing. 

Top-rated red wines

There are a lot of you out there who love reds. It’s still your favourite type of wine with just over 53% of wine sales. 

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Top-rated white wines 

In second place, whites continue to be appreciated in an significant proportion (a little over 40% of wine sales).  

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Top-rated rosé wines 

Rosés, which we especially associate with the summer season (why don’t we drink more of them when it’s cold?) bring up the rear for wines with 6% of sales in this category.  

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Champagnes, sparkling wine and coolers

With so many flavours and formats available, ready-to-drink beverages (including many local products) have never been more popular, while you remain attached to Champagnes and sparkling wines for your festive moments. 

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Top-rated spirits

From Quebec gins to refined scotches or liqueurs and creams to be sipped by the fire, the world of spirits is vast and has many devoted fans! 

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