Lambert family traditions

Ask Guillaume about a Lambert Christmas dinner, and he’ll rave about what great hosts his parents are. Every year, family classics find their way back to the holiday table. “My mother’s turkey is legendary, and so is her shrimp mousse. We all fight to get more,” he says. In addition to the unforgettable memories, Guillaume also has a few recipes he likes to serve his own guests, like his bloody mary. Based on a typical recipe from this hometown of Sorel-Tracy, the drink calls for pale ale, olives and pickles. He also has a soft spot for his mother’s traditional holiday punch made with ginger ale and maraschino cherries.

Six for dinner!

For the past 20 years, Guillaume and his five closest friends—the bande des six, as they affectionately call themselves—have always found time to get together just the six of them during the holiday season. They exchange gifts and each person has to bring a dish. The tradition has made for some pretty memorable moments over the years. Guillaume especially remembers the year his beef Wellington ended up an “undercooked monumental flop,” as he describes it! They still laugh about it today. 

Fun discoveries and great products! 

Devilled eggsDevilled eggs

Easy-going prices don’t mean you have to skimp on quality. All you have to do is choose the right delicious and effortless recipes. Devilled eggs are a classic and a great choice for your holiday (or any other) table. Guillaume Lambert is a huge fan. 

He’ll also never turn his nose up at a bowl of potato chips with sour cream and onion dip or celery sticks with Le Petit Crémeux (French only) from Fromagerie Boivin (no, not Cheez Whiz!).

The actor, director and screenwriter also wants his guests to discover new local products. He especially loves Pinard et filles wines, which make the perfect gift. His other go-to is Beaujolais: “a quaffing wine that goes great with starters,” he explains. Of course, nothing says the holidays like a toast with something sparkling, and Guillaume has a suggestion for you.

Parés Baltà, an organic Spanish sparkling white wine at a great price point, is an excellent choice for brunch or cocktails, with its notes of crisp green apple and white flowers. Prefer rosé? Parés Baltà pink cava is just as affordable. It’s luscious aromas of strawberry, nougat, currant and pepper are a match for devilled eggs or bruschetta.

We hope Guillaume’s suggestions will inspire you to host your loved ones this year and keep things fun and simple to create new holiday memories! All the best to you and yours!