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The Wine Route turns 20

Photo credit: Kevin Brunelle


The Wine Route turns 20

Brome-Missisquoi’s Wine Route is celebrating its 20th anniversary—the ideal occasion to explore this circuit teeming with culinary and cultural gems, spanning 140 km of mountains, valleys and quaint villages. Here, we zoom in on an infinitely charming destination and six of its most popular products.

Published on July 28, 2023

Spotlight on a tasting tour

Brome-Missisquoi is the birthplace of Quebec’s winemaking industry and accounts for 60% of the province’s wine production. It’s also home to some of the oldest vineyards, including the renowned Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise in Dunham, which has been selling the fruits of its labour since 1980.

It was back in 2003—at a time when a growing number of winemakers were settling in this part of the Eastern Townships—that Quebec’s very first official wine route was created. The objective? To promote local products by inviting visitors to meet the artisans as they followed a set route in an idyllic setting (pre-GPS!). 

Since then, the concept has gained a lot of traction, and the route now includes 22 vineyards. Whether your tour is guided or not, by car or on bicycle, a day long or a week long, your eyes and taste buds will be wowed.

A cornucopia of activities

There’s so much more to the Brome-Missiquoi Wine Route than just wine! Some 100 partners belonging to Les Amis de la Route des vins (Friends of the Wine Route) help enrich the experience by offering lodging, restaurants, picnics in nature, art and culture, agritourism, wellness services, outdoor activities, and of course, tastings!

Throughout its four bike and six driving routes, the itinerary is brimming with activities that range from touring an alpaca farm in Sutton and the Chocolate Museum in Bromont to visiting Brome Lake Ducks Limited and the Nature and Creation international sculpture exhibition in Dunham, to name just a few.

To see everything the Wine Route has in store, go to this page.

Crédit: Vignoble La Bauge

Photo credit: Camille Labonté

Wake up in the countryside

With so many activities on offer, it’s best to spend more than a day! It’s the perfect time, too—until October 28, various one- or two-night packages are available, which may include a four-course dinner, breakfast, guided tours or spa access, and of course, tastings.

And that’s not all! For its 20th anniversary, the Wine Route is holding a draw for a two-night stay for two from September 22 to 24, 2023, including two gourmet dinners, guided tours and wine tastings at four vineyards, as well as a harvesting activity. Why not try your luck!

Photo credit: Marc Serre

Sample some of the Route's flavours

Here’s a selection of six products from some of the region’s most popular wineries, to enjoy while you plan your trip.

L'Orpailleur Brut

This sparkling wine is produced at the vineyard of the same name in Dunham, formerly Château Blanc and renamed by none other than Gilles Vigneault! This true gem made with Seyval and Vidal grapes, is produced using traditional methods, including being fermented twice and aged for 18 months. The result is fine, long-lasting bubbles with notes of apple tart and a smooth yet vibrant mouthfeel.

Union Libre UL Seyval Blanc - Vidal

The translucence of this white made in Dunham foreshadows its extremely delicate taste. At once vibrant, dry and fruity, it has a floral bouquet that gives way to aromas of citrus and green apple, and a touch of minerality. A truly versatile wine that’s perfect on warm summer nights.

Val Caudalies Lab Doux

This white vermouth from Val Caudalies has a captivating softness and complexity. Its sweet, juicy mouthfeel is balanced out by slightly bitter herbaceous notes of wormwood and the depth of its orange bark and nutmeg aromas. Can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or in a cocktail. 

Domaine Bresee Mackenzie-Parker

Sutton’s Domaine Bresee winery makes an elegant, complex red wine from Sainte-Croix grapes that’s aged in oak barrels. Its mouthfeel is velvety, with notes of berries and a hint of vanilla on the palate. A sophisticated wine that pairs well with pasta, meat dishes, or a cheese platter. 

Vignoble Gagliano Tinello

This multiple award-winning red is a blend of Frontenac and Sabrevois grapes. It’s ruby-coloured and has a spicy nose, as well as fruity vegetal notes with a tight structure and silky tannins. Soft and fresh on the palate. For an optimal experience, chill slightly before serving.

Domaine du Ridge Le Stanbridge

Produced in Saint-Armand, this dry white owes its fresh, light taste to the late ripening of the Vidal grapes it’s made with. A wine that has a complex bouquet of tropical fruits, honey and oak, and is powerful and juicy on the palate.

Click here to find out more about the 20th anniversary celebrations.

In partnership with: Brome-Missiquoi Wine Route

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