Sugar Ball cocktailSugar Ball cocktail

Sweet snowball

This cocktail is definitely for those with a sweet tooth! Hardcore addicts will accompany this cocktail with maple syrup snow candy or a slice of sugar pie, but it’s just as good enjoyed on its own!

Quebec Mimosa cocktailQuebec Mimosa cocktail

Quebec mimosa

A great alternative for Easter brunch. Fans of maple sugar will love it!

Did you know?

Contrary to popular belief, the maple water from which syrup is made is not really sap. It is actually frozen water trapped inside the tree. In the spring, during the period of freezing and thawing, the wood decontracts and allows this sweet, mineral-rich water to run off. Once it becomes warm enough for the tree’s metabolism to kick in and begin transporting real sap, which is drawn from the tree’s roots and has a fairly bitter flavour, maple syrup season is over.


Happy spring!