Hot sandwich

Bread, ham, cheese, and butter… a simple list for a scrumptious dish! You can also add your own twist depending on what you’re in the mood for. Try adding spinach, tomatoes, or some lovely Quebec cheese (think, Oka, Pied-de-Vent, Le Noble). You could even use your leftover raclette cheese. Bon appetit!

Oui, oui madame!

After a well-deserved sleep-in, treat yourself to a brunch fit for a king… and queen! Whip up a delicious croque madame and serve it with a light salad. Wondering what exactly is a croque madame? It’s a traditional croque monsieur, but topped with an egg. Easy, breezy, and delicious!

A bit of sauce with that?

Some croque monsieur recipes call for a drizzle of béchamel sauce. This decadent and rich version is definitely worth a taste! Simply spread the sauce over your slice of bread, then layer with ham and cheese. Bake in the oven at 200°C (400°F) until cheese is melted and golden brown


Croque-monsieur ham-cheese

Preparation 15 minutes

Cooking 15 minutes

Serving 4 people


mini croque monsieurmini croque monsieur

Apple and goat cheese mini croque-monsieur

Preparation 30 minutes

Cooking 3 minutes

Serving 4 people


croque madamecroque madame


Preparation 5 minutes

Cooking 5 minutes

Serving 4 people

Photos: Ariel Tarr