Cooking with spirits

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Cooking with spirits

Got a bar full of bottles that you’re enjoying as after-dinner drinks or cocktails? Why not bring them to the table, and serve them in your recipes! Here are several original ideas.

Published on October 20, 2020

In marinades

Putting a little rum or dry gin in your marinades allows the meat to tenderize and gives it an exotic flavour. Try pork tenderloins marinated in Zante currents, mustard, dark rum and herbs: watch out, it may cause quite the sensation!


In sauces

Use a bit of American whiskey, rum or even a scotch with peaty accents in your barbecue sauces. The roasted and vanilla aromas of these spirits will be brought out in recipes that evoke the heat of the southern United States.


In desserts

Along with a quality ice cream, you can transform a creamy liqueur (Irish or maple cream), or even a liqueur like Fragoli, into a garnish for unique sundaes.

In icy treats

You can invent plenty of icy treats by integrating different spirits! A version made with coconut milk, avocado, sugar and dark rum will allow for a creamy texture with spicy accents. Liqueurs are also interesting, because they’re strongly flavoured and offer a lot of personality for your creations, even when used in small quantities.

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