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glasse of red wine

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No more stained teeth!

Discover how to prevent red wine from staining your lips and teeth!

Published on October 14, 2020

SAQ answers your questions

Question from a social media fan

“How can I avoid staining my teeth and lips when drinking red wine?”

Our expert replies

Alas! Nothing can stop your teeth and lips from turning red when you’re enjoying a few glasses of wine. However, it is possible to limit the damage by applying lip balm prior to drinking, or by rubbing your teeth with a lemon wedge or a small amount of baking soda when you’re done. Tannins are behind these pesky stains, so your best bet is to avoid tannic wines that are redder in colour. We suggest sticking to lighter cépages, such as Pinot Noirs and Gamays.

Handy tip: Wait at least an hour before brushing — this will allow your mouth’s pH level to return to normal.

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