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Le LapeyrieLe Lapeyrie

Putting together a wine guide entails long hours of research and tasting. Although the task of tasting may seem simple and fun, it is, in fact, taxing on the body and mind! Not convinced? Just imagine how many days are spent evaluating the 3,000 or so wines that are to be featured in the guide! Entire days spent sampling wine, taking notes, researching the best products to recommend to readers looking to discover something new and exciting. To start the year off right, we’ve put together a mini guide containing our top 20 wines taken from four of the best-known Quebec wine guides.


Le Lapeyrie 2020

With suggestions, simplified rankings, detailed comments, and specification sheets for each of the 200 featured products, Le Lapeyrie quickly became one of Quebec’s most sought-after gifts. This 9th edition includes more than 200 products presented by author and columnist Philippe Lapeyrie.

Le Pive blanc Pays d’Oc

In the wake of the success experienced by le Pive rosé throughout all of Quebec,  Jeanjean winery decided to produce an organic white wine composed of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and Roussanne. The result? A delicate, well-balanced white wine with floral notes and moderate acidity. Perfect for serving with firm cheeses or seafood in a white sauce.

Buti Nages Costières de Nîmes

Here’s another white wine with floral notes that is sure to please fans of white grape varieties from the Rhone Valley. This bottle features a blend of Grenache Blanc and Roussanne, for a wine that is fleshy and fresh. A bloody good wine, according to Philippe Lapeyrie!

A.A. Badenhorst Curator 2018

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better price-quality ratio for a supple red than this bottle right here! Winemaker Adi Badenhorst charmed Philippe Lapeyrie with all his vintages, including this one, which, by the way, pairs perfectly with a wide variety of dishes thanks to its high acidity and low alcohol content. A must-try!


Cazal Viel Vieilles Vignes Pays d’Oc

The ideal red for all your get-togethers! A well-balanced wine, featuring a touch of spice thanks to the Syrah, and a dose of fruitiness courtesy of the Grenache. The perfect wine to serve with tourtière!

Caparzo Rosso-di-Montalcino 2018

Tuscan wine lovers, you’re sure to enjoy this Sangiovese with aromas of kirsch and blueberry and blackcurrant jam. The polished tannins and supple texture make it the perfect accompaniment to bruschetta or duck penne.

Livre de Nadia FournierLivre de Nadia Fournier

Guide du vin Phaneuf 2020

The 39th edition of the reputable Guide du vin Phaneuf, written by author Nadia Fournier, is filled with interesting information for wine aficionados looking for new finds. It also features the author’s prestigious Grappes d’or 2020, top picks, and a breakdown of the latest vintages’ pros and cons. In this comprehensive guide, Nadia Fournier reviews close to 1,000 amazing products, categorized by reds, whites, rosés, and oranges, including a ton of local products and organic wines. This guide has something for everyone, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned connoisseurs. Here are a few bottles that made Nadia Fournier’s Grappe d’or.

Bisol Crede 2018

The author describes this sparkling wine as one of the best proseccos on the market! And with good reason! Boasting unrivalled finesse and a straight, saline, and refreshing mouthfeel, this bubbly is light and bright in your glass. You’re sure to ask for a refill! Perfect for a festive happy hour, with a price-quality ratio that can’t be beat!

Domaine Papagiannakos Savatiano 2018

This Greek white wine is the author’s “versatile mineral white”. She’s been a fan for many years, and mentions in the guide that the quality of the 2018 vintage is slightly superior to previous years. A saline wine with notes of lemon, fresh herbs, and white pepper. At this price, you might as well buy an entire case so that you have some for every occasion!

Caldas Douro 2017

A blended wine featuring varieties that are typical of the Douro region, namely Touriga Nacional, which lends this red from the 2017 vintage explosive notes of fruit. A wine with an excellent price-quality ratio and charming aromas of black fruit and spices.

Milhistorias Garnacha Manchuela 2018

Originally from the Manchuela appellation, northwest of Valencia, this medium-bodied Spanish red boasts a well-balanced structure and just the right amount of acidity. Scents of black fruits and cherry mingle nicely with notes of violet and aromatic herbs. A fine wine and a great price-quality ratio. Nadia Fournier describes it as having impeccable length for the price. Wow!

Clos la Coutale Cahors

Crisp and voluptuous, this rather robust and refreshing red pairs nicely with all kind of feasts. According to Nadia Fournier, of all the affordable Cahors wines available at the SAQ, this one, produced on a family estate of 50 or so hectares, is one for the books.

Affiche des vins du QuebecAffiche des vins du Quebec

Rouge sur blanc

Quebec wines have experienced exponential growth over the past 10 years. As such, Ronald Georges invites readers to discover some of the top Quebec wines and introduces the 25 winemakers behind the bottles. Ronald Georges shares the history of each estate, as well as what he considers to be the best local products. After travelling across Quebec and Ontario tasting various products, here are his top picks!


Cirka Terroir

Cirka, one of the rare Quebec distilleries to produce its alcohol from grain to bottle, introduces a vodka with a velvety texture that exudes a pronounced alcohol flavour, as well as notes of spice and flowers. The result is a spirit that is delicate and refined. Enjoy it neat or in a cocktail.

Les Spiritueux Iberville Amermelade

Do you like Aperol Spritz? This Quebec version is an absolute must-try! As the distillery itself claims, Amermelade perfectly combines the flavours of bitter Italian aperitif and our very-own Quebec boreal forests, with notes of sea buckthorn, sumac, and sweet gale.

Livre de Jessica HarnoisLivre de Jessica Harnois

Boire local

People today don’t choose a Quebec wine, beer, or gin because it’s local; they choose it because it’s good! With reputable know-how, Quebec producers now offer an exciting range of high-quality products, often celebrated internationally. Bubbly, red wine, white wine, rosé, beer, spirits, dessert wines, and rare wines: Jessica Harnois guides you with her usual expertise and enthusiasm. For each of her picks, the author introduces the producer behind the product, pertinent information (price, SAQ code, contact), and in easy-to-understand terms, shares her detailed opinion. Plus, she suggests a local product for a pairing that’s 100% Quebec! A practical and festive guide!


Domaine Les Brome Cuvée Charlotte 2018

The lovely vineyards that overlook lac Brome have established their reputations as top-quality producers. Cuvée Charlotte is one of Jessica Harnois’ favourite wines when introducing her guests to great Quebec finds at affordable prices. This bottle comes in at just under $17 and is really quite tasty!

Versant blanc Coteau Rougemont 2017

Versant Blanc is a blend of Vidal, Frontenac Blanc, and Frontenac Gris. With its lovely fruit fragrance featuring white pear flesh and stone fruit, it is both aromatic and exotic. Very dry, with as little as 1.5 grams of sugar per litre, it pairs well with Quebec cheeses.

Union Libre Cidre de Feu

Stunning! A pioneer in the making of fire ciders (made according to a unique process in which the apple must is transformed by heat), Union Libre charms with this smooth nectar made in the Eastern Townships. Candied orange zest, caramel, and Golden apple enliven the nose, while the mouthfeel is ample and lively. Jessica Harnois points out that it’s like dynamite in the mouth. It’s explosive, vibrant, and fruity, and with its amber hue, spicy nose, and powerful mouthfeel, it’s sure to charm you, too!

Monna & Filles Crème de cassis

The Monna family have been in the liqueur business since the start of the 19th century! Their crème de cassis is not actually a dessert wine, but can be served as an aperitif, with dessert, or in a cocktail, like the Kir Royal, a timeless classic featuring bubbly and crème de cassis. This bottle combines grace and grit. The vibrant acidity balances out the sugar, for a result that is absolutely divine!


Le Lapeyrie 2020

Author: Philippe Lapeyrie
ISBN: 9782761952248
Éditions de l’Homme
Date of publication: October 2019

Guide du vin Phaneuf 2020

Author: Nadia Fournier
ISBN: 9782761953566
Éditions de l’Homme
Date of publication: October 2019

Rouge sur blanc : À la découverte des vins et spiritueux du Québec

Author: Ronald Georges
ISBN: 9782896577101
Éditions Les Malins
Date of publication: August 2019

Boire local: les 100 meilleurs vins, bières et alcools du Québec

Author: Jessica Harnois
ISBN: 9782897058104
Éditions La Presse
Date of publication: September 2019

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