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  1. Italian cuisine
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Italian Food

    Italy’s cuisine brings to mind tomatoes, pasta, pizza... but it is also all about freshness, conviviality and simplicity! Here are a few ideas for putting together a typically Italian meal.

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  2. Slush-tail: pastis

    Slush-tails… Part 2!

    So many of you shared and re-created last summer’s alcoholized slushie recipes at home, we thought we’d post some new “slush-tail” recipes to liven up your cocktail hour this summer! Midway between the well-known poptail and the cocktail, you will be sure to love these refreshing drinks.

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  3. cocktail

    The taste of summer

    Lime, fresh mint, watermelon, strawberries, basil, coconut… Enjoy the flavours that evoke sunshine and vacations.

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  4. Organic and vegan aperitifs

    Organic and vegan aperitifs

    Diet is increasingly becoming a major concern for many people. We’re eating less meat, learning about vegetable proteins, and choosing organic and local products.

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  5. Sun-soaked aperitif

    Sun-soaked aperitif

    A fresh meal and a drink for everyone: the perfect happy hour!

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  6. Ketel One Botanical flavoured vodkas

    Vodka with something extra

    Owned and operated by the same family for 11 generations, Ketel One is keeping up with trends, introducing a range of sophisticated vodkas, infused with natural fruit and botanical essences

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  7. different cocktails

    Savour your aperitif in a new way

    Enjoying an aperitif is not just about tasting a white wine or getting out your nice bottle of scotch. The classics will always be a success, but let’s make some room for new tastes and dare to try new cocktails! Here are some original aperitifs.

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  8. aperitif italiano

    Aperitif italiano!

    Transport yourself to Italy—without the pricey airfare! On the menu: simple (and deliziose!) bites, served with fine wine and charming cocktails, guaranteed to transform your casa into a true festa!

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