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Italian cuisine

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Italian Food

Italy’s cuisine brings to mind tomatoes, pasta, pizza... but it is also all about freshness, conviviality and simplicity! Here are a few ideas for putting together a typically Italian meal.

Published on October 14, 2020

For the total Italian experience, start with a variety of traditional antipasti: olives, grilled or marinated vegetables, cheeses and deli meats.

Be creative! And to make it all a bit more festive, open a bottle of sparkling wine from the north of Italy, like Prosecco, with its notes of pear and flowers..

fruity and vibrant

After the aperitif and the antipasti, move on to the entrées or “primi piatti” (“first plates”). This is usually an occasion for serving traditional pasta in all its forms.

If you would like to get away from the usual classic tomato-based sauces, try ravioli served simply with warm, sage-infused butter. Choosing just a few ingredients that are fresh and of high quality will guarantee a successful dish. Serve with a San Vincenzo white from Anselmi, which always offers wines of irreproachable quality.

fruity and vibrant

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