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The spirit of knowing

Do you want to know more about the world of wine and spirits?
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Natural wineNatural wine

Natural wine

Virtually unknown not so long ago, natural wines have found their way into Quebecers’ hearts. What’s behind the rising popularity of these wines without additives?

Different wine grapesDifferent wine grapes


You probably know Cabernet and Sauvignon, but what about Savagnin and Tannat? Dive into the wide world of grape varieties and expand your horizons. 


Wine growing regions

Need a little escape? Explore the most beautiful wine regions and discover their climate, main grape varieties, typical dishes and more.

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  1. The secret is in the vine
    Production methods

    The secret is in the vine

    Winegrowers will tell you that a wine is made on the vine. The care that is lavished on a vine and the time its fruit are harvested have a direct impact on the finished product’s quality. Take advantage of National Wine Day to unlock the mysteries of wine making.

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  2. Val de Loire Charmingly French!

    Val de Loire Charmingly French!

    Elegant chateaux and historic villages, welcoming temperatures of valleys and plains... the Val de Loire is a treasure trove of happiness from diverse wine discoveries to classic French charm.

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  3. Cocktail made with bourbon
    Tasting and service

    Bourbon: Neat or in a cocktail!

    Bourbon 101: a snapshot of a spirit that's gaining fans.

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  4. Piémont

    Asti & Alba: Piedmont’s Barbera duo

    In a blind taste test, would you be able to tell a Barbera from Asti from a Barbera from Alba? If you think you could, what’s your secret? Because I’ve never been able to figure it out myself!

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  5. Corvina: a rare varietal

    Corvina: a rare varietal

    Even though grown internationally, some varietals remain rare and unusual: here’s your chance to discover one of them!

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  6. Rosé

    The world of rosé

    Rosé wines are gaining popularity the world over. France’s Provence may be the leader and ground zero, but globally, winemakers are all hopping on the rosé train, making rosés that reflect their region-specific grape varieties. The result? Rosés for every taste, and for every occasion.

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  7. vin

    The language of wine

    It’s often difficult to clearly express sensations created inside of our mouths or be explicit about a particular scent. But learning the language of wine tasting can help you better describe not just the type of wine you would like to have, but the kinds of wine you really love.

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  8. Portugal

    Portugal, land of sea and mountain

    With cities, towns and vineyards clinging picturesquely to steep hillsides, Portugal boasts wines that reflect a unique environment – varied, seductive and original.

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  9. Spain

    Spain from all sides

    Spanish wine is where it’s at and the proof is in the pudding - they’ve got the most vineyard surface area on the planet. We talked with José Peñín, author of Spain’s foremost wine guide, which covers a country with far-reaching traditions and awe-inspiring creativity.

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  10. White wine

    Discover Bordeaux whites!

    The land of Cabernet and Merlot, the Bordeaux region also makes excellent white wines that are too often overshadowed by its reds.

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  11. Italian vignard

    Italy from head to toe

    To show off Italy’s dizzying wine diversity, what’s more perfect than a little tour of three of the country’s winemaking regions? Here’s to a quick sip of Italy, from Alpine peaks to sloping coastal regions.

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  12. Spain

    The taste of Spain

    To understand the spirit of Spanish wine growers and their greatest wines, you have to keep two things in mind: the weather and the oak. Barrel aging has been a key part of the Spanish style for two centuries, with a balance that has changed a lot in the last thirty years.

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