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Natural wineNatural wine

Natural wine

Virtually unknown not so long ago, natural wines have found their way into Quebecers’ hearts. What’s behind the rising popularity of these wines without additives?

Different wine grapesDifferent wine grapes


You probably know Cabernet and Sauvignon, but what about Savagnin and Tannat? Dive into the wide world of grape varieties and expand your horizons. 


Wine growing regions

Need a little escape? Explore the most beautiful wine regions and discover their climate, main grape varieties, typical dishes and more.

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  1. Rivière du Chêne vineyard

    The Rivière du Chêne vineyard

    The Rivière du Chêne winery is definitely one of the most well known in Quebec, thanks to the passion of its founder, Daniel Lalande.

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  2. Local distillers to the rescue

    Local distillers to the rescue

    In March 2020, Quebec’s distilleries massively responded to the governments’ calls for help, producing and distributing hand sanitizer for the healthcare system and essential services.

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  3. Quebec ciders

    The wonderful world of Quebec ciders

    The first cider producers in Quebec go back to... New France. We owe them to Norman settlers, for whom production was a common thing. The first orchards were planted in Québec City and Île d’Orléans, followed by the Sulpicians in Montreal. 

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  4. Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    We take a closer look at this globally loved product, perfect for celebrating the holidays.

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  5. Coteau Rougemont

    Keeping it local: Coteau Rougemont

    At Coteau Rougemont, the Robert family has created one of Quebec’s most important wineries.

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  6. What’s in a rosé
    Tasting and service

    Shades of rosé

    What’s in a rosé? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you understand the components of this increasingly popular wine.

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  7. What vintages mean
    Tasting and service

    About vintages

    The vintage represents the year the grapes for a particular wine were harvested. But how can you determine the quality of a wine’s production? Here are a few tips for understanding the meaning of vintages.

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  8. red wine
    Tasting and service

    Shades of red wine

    Oh red wine! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Here are our suggestions and explanations to help you see – and enjoy – the best of your red.

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  9. leftover alcohol

    What to do with leftover alcohol

    They can still be consumed after a few days or kept longer for cooking purposes. Here are some ideas on how to best proceed.

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  10. Absinthe
    Production methods

    Absinthe’s double life

    Born of an ancient medicinal tradition and regularly fetishized in 19th century Europe, absinthe was often demonized and outlawed. Nowadays, this spirit is experiencing an increasing popularity – accompanied by a renaissance in Quebec.

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  11. Landscape showing a Quebec vineyard.

    Quebec wines take pride of place

    When you purchase Quebec wines, you’re supporting the local economy, all while choosing eco-friendly products. And also—they’re exceptional wines!

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  12. Perfect holiday pairings
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Perfect holiday pairings

    Pop the bubbly and discover the perfect pairings for each taste tag!

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