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Natural wineNatural wine

Natural wine

Virtually unknown not so long ago, natural wines have found their way into Quebecers’ hearts. What’s behind the rising popularity of these wines without additives?

Different wine grapesDifferent wine grapes


You probably know Cabernet and Sauvignon, but what about Savagnin and Tannat? Dive into the wide world of grape varieties and expand your horizons. 


Wine growing regions

Need a little escape? Explore the most beautiful wine regions and discover their climate, main grape varieties, typical dishes and more.

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  1. Wine and soup pairings
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Pairings for soup!

    Traditionally, we steer wine lovers away from certain pairings, like soup for instance. Except that in reality, the craving for a glass of wine trumps the strict rules of specialists . . .

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  2. Wine and game pairings
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Game and wine pairings

    Are you a hunter? What wines should you target?

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  3. Mushrooms soup
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    The world of mushrooms...

    Cold weather? Time to go out on the hunt for mushrooms and their many possible wine pairings.

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  4. Spanish reds
    Wine cultivation

    Two emblematic cepages

    Spanish reds have personality, in particular thanks to well-developed grape varieties

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  5. sausages-wine pairing
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Sausages and wine

    Pairing ideas abound when it comes to sausage. Here’s a way to help you find the right taste-tag match.

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  6. Glasses of sherry.
    Production methods

    All about sherry!

    To better understand the wonderful, mysterious world of sherry, here is an introduction to how it is made as well as two suggestions for tasting and pairing.

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  7. Winery in south africa

    The south African wines

    Connaissez-vous les vins d’Afrique du Sud? Dans ce pays magnifique, l’histoire viticole remonte à près de 400 ans. Des vins jeunes et qui sont sur nos tables depuis peu de temps.

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  8. Sauvignon blanc
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Sauvignon blanc: a taste of summer

    Here's the full story on Sauvignon Blanc, the official wine of summer.

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  9. Glass of mousseux
    Production methods

    Cava's secrets revealed!

    A celebratory flute-filler that’s easy to drink and accessible, Cava is an international favourite that also features exceptional potential.

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  10. Tempranillo
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Tempranillo: Grilled or stewed?

    Omnipresent in Spain, Tempranillo manifests a different personality reflecting its region of origin; so you may need to switch bottles.

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  11. Vin nature
    Production methods

    The ABCs of “natural” wine

    Exactly what is “natural wine”? An answer to the question that’s causing a lot of debate these days!

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  12. Nathalie Bonhomme, wine producer

    Nathalie Bonhomme, happy in Spain

    After building a solid reputation as an exporter, Nathalie Bonhomme started creating her own wines out of her respect for Spanish wine and in the spirit of friendship.

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