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The idea behind Pas Sages is to bring together art and wine, intrinsically linked, by bottling Ontario wines, made from grape varieties appreciated by Quebecers, and showcasing the talent of Quebec artists who depict the expression of the wine on each label. 

The result is a range of unique wines with a frank and distinct character but that remain accessible, just like its target audience. Quebecers have long been curious and interested in wine, food and art in general, driven by the inspiration, expression and creation that unite them all. It was therefore inevitable, and desirable, to bring them together. United in a bottle that calls for sharing, what more could you ask for?

A singular character

For the instigators of the project, it was important to seek out local artists to illustrate each wine and to give them creative freedom to design unique, abstract works full of emotion. Quebec painters answered the call and created paintings of each wine, which you can admire on the wine labels.

Made from well-known grape varieties grown in the renowned Niagara Peninsula region, each variety has been selected for its unique and assertive profile. Proudly bottled in Quebec in the bucolic region of Rougemont, they echo the preferred profile of Quebecers: easy-drinking, low in sugar, fruity and fresh with a touch of audacity. Discover the personality of each cuvée and invite them to the table this weekend.


Pas Sages Riesling 2022

This 100% Riesling cuvée offers lively acidity and sustained intensity. Subtly floral, it reveals notes of green apple and peach along with a mineral finish. Share it over shrimp tacos for an evening that's both refined and unpretentious.


Pas Sages Brut Sparkling wine 2021

This no-dosage brut sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir harvested in early September to fully release the citrus flavours and subtle floral touch. It offers a well-felt mineral side and a nice acidity. A delight with a prosciutto-melon starter or at brunch with smoked salmon pancakes.


Pas Sages Gamay 2020

This Gamay red is quite easy-drinking. It offers supple tannins and a fruity profile combining raspberry and morello cherry with light notes of coffee. Gamay and charcuteries always go well together, but also try it with grilled cheese with mushrooms.


Pas Sages Orange Unfiltered 2021

Vidal and Chardonnay grapes make up this cuvée which is neither fined nor filtered and fermented with skins in stainless steel vats. Quite dry, it offers aromas of white-fleshed fruit marmalade, notes of dried apricot and will appeal to wine lovers with a more daring profile. Perfect for a salmon tartare.

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