To mark the summer vacations or simply for the pleasure of sharing good moments with the people you love, what could be more pleasant than a tasty and thirst-quenching glass of rosé? The leading rosé producing region in France and the only one that dedicates 91% of its production to rosé, Provence has always been the reference in terms of quality, style and innovation. A land of fragrances and sunshine where the art of living seems natural, Provence invites you to discover its elegant wines for your casual moments.

At the beginning…

It was through the port of Massilia (Marseille) that the Greeks introduced the cultivation of the vine to the area. The winemaking process was very basic at the time, and the maceration stage, during which the skin of the black grapes spreads the color to the wine, was unknown or barely mastered, so that the wine they produced had a characteristic pinkish color. Thus, Provence is the oldest of the French vineyards and the rosé wine, the oldest of the known wines! Of course, these random results have turned into real know-how over time, thanks to the expertise developed by local winemakers. The reputation of Provence rosé wines is well established, and it is not surprising that their reputation for quality resonates throughout the world of wine.

An exceptional, green and sustainable terroir

From the Côtes de Provence to the Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence and Coteaux Varois in Provence, the roads leading to the vineyards are countless. Facing the Mediterranean, the vines benefit from a poor soil, the burning sun of the Midi and the dominant wind of the region, the Mistral, which refreshes the vineyard while protecting it from diseases linked to humidity. A unique terroir that influences the elegant and refined singularity of the region's rosés.

Do you especially enjoy organic wines? Provençal winegrowers are among the most advanced in the agro-ecological transition with 41% of its surface area in organic farming or HVE, which refers to High Environmental Value. United and committed, they are driven by the same desire to create quality wines with the greatest respect for nature.

Rosé all year long!

Particularly suited to the new consumer trends of lighter meals and simple, healthy cooking, Provence rosé wines are not only a sensible choice, but also add a glamorous touch to your special moments. Casual, accessible and versatile, they are the perfect choice for a successful aperitif, a tête-à-tête by the fireplace or for enjoying a television show, no matter how cold it is outside!

A pairing of colours

Putting a bottle of rosé wine on the table is sure to capture the attention of your guests and stimulate their appetite! Its unique pale hue and its dry, lively and aromatic character have contributed to its reputation. It is very versatile at the table, and the possibilities for pairing it are endless. Matching colors is certainly the easiest way to start. Smoked salmon, shrimp, lobster, crab, snapper, tomato and charcuterie are all great starting points for successful pairings. Whether you cook them alone, in pizza, salad, pâté or panini, Provence rosé wines will have the answer to everything.

Want to stop time and be swayed by the sound of the waves of the French Riviera? Here is a selection of rosés that will help you embrace the Provencal rhythm for a while with style!

We recommend

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