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Spanish-style aperitif


Spanish-style aperitif with friends

It's vacation time, and aperitifs with friends are growing longer. For an evening that evokes the warmth of the Mediterranean, here are five seasonal pairings with a sunny selection of Spanish wines. Discover the Torres family, which offers a wide range of wines so varied that there is something for everyone.

Published on August 10, 2022

Five wines for your long summer evenings

Anyone who has ever been to Spain is sure to have been spellbound by the lively sound and taste of the tapas bars. Each one offers its own specialties in a "small bite" form or with dishes to share. Spontaneous and efficient, it's a perfect way to liven up your reunion and patio parties!

In this time of year everything is lining up to take full advantage of the warm sunny days and good times with friends. We would like to slow down the hourglass of time and live to the rhythm of the Mediterranean culture.

The Torres family
comes to your table

When one thinks of Spain's wine country, Bodega Torres is a must. In fact, this family-owned winery is one of the most recognized and appreciated in the world, and it's easy to see why: committed to children through its foundation and an eco-responsible leader in its winemaking practices, it is also the source of an extensive range of wines so varied that there is something for everyone.

Icone AccordsIcone Accords

We launch the aperitif

Since the weather is nice and warm, we tend to choose a more delicate wine. Are you the seductive white wine type? The Vina Esmeralda Limited Edition is light in alcohol and will awaken your taste buds with its enchanting scents of melon and tropical fruits.

Thirsty for a refreshing rosé? Organic and bone dry, the Torres Guardians de la Terra is delicate and very pleasant with its strawberry and white flower aromas. Wines that are sure to go well with these shrimp canapés.

Fish and Seafood Bites

It's time to move on to the invigorating and aromatic white wine! If you're a Sauvignon Blanc fan, you should know that the very Spanish Verdejo grape shares a similar signature. To find out, check out the Celeste cuvée. With its exuberant citrus and fresh grass aromas, this wine will highlight seafood brochettes or a delicious salmon and scallop ceviche served in a verrine.

Platter of cheeses and fine charcuterie

Always in the name of sharing and to celebrate Spain, a board or platter filled with Iberian ham, chorizo and Manchego cheese is just the thing. Add marinated or grilled olives and peppers, and it will be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mouth. The ideal pairing? Medium-bodied, unoaked and supple reds. The Torres Guardians de la Terra red and Sangre de Toro are two of the obvious choices.

Grilled meats

Beef flank steak, lamb skewers, it's time for a hearty red. The indisputable Mas la Plana is quite a stunner. It made history in the 1970s when it outperformed the best Bordeaux crus classés in a blind tasting competition, and it's THE wine to treat yourself to. Already pleasant and accessible, be sure to pour it in a carafe it before serving.

To all of you, happy vacations and enjoy the summer!

In collaboration with Familia Torres


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