Sous le bouchon - Episode 3 - Lightweight glass

Episode 3 | Lightweight glass

Each year, the SAQ puts 200 million bottles into circulation. Are there solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of making and using all this glass? This is what our guests are working on: lightweight glass.

Date December 3, 2021

Episode 3 - Lightweight glass (In french only)

Sous le Bouchon –The SAQ Podcast

A discussion with two passionate SAQ experts: Ines Castillo and Christian Marier-Pilon.

According to the SAQ’s lightweight glass experts, 

“A bottle’s weight has absolutely no bearing
on the quality of the wine inside.”

– Ines Castillo, Director, Europe 

“Lightweight glass reduces a bottle’s environmental impact
by 10 to 20% compared to regular glass. That’s a lot.”

– Christian Marier Pilon, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility 

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Want to know about the subject?

All about lightweight glass

The next time you visit an SAQ store, have some fun by hand-weighing a few wine bottles. You’ll quickly realize they don’t all weigh the same. Welcome to the world of lightweight glass, a more ecological form of packaging!

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