The cottage has been booked for weeks and the weekend has finally arrived: time to hit the road with the gang or the fam. Of course, your bag is filled with warm and cozy layers, and enough games to last into the night. But don’t forget the cocktails! Spiked coffees, amber rums, fruity liqueurs… we’ve got plenty of suggestions to sip on ice or mix to everyone’s delight. To make them, dive into your home bar for essentials or drop by one of our stores on your way, to pick up any and all these suggestions. Happy sipping by the fire; wish we were there.

Regal rum

This amber rum has it all: a beautiful smoothness, notes of caramel, vanilla and spices. The premium rum from Guatemala is aged in cognac barrels and is presented in a very elegant bottle. Customer and employee praises come to no surprise: “a treasure to taste”, as one says.

Classic scotch

Glenmorangie Original is a delicate single malt whiskey that comes from Scotland's highest stills and is aged in American white oak barrels. This ten-year-old single malt from the Northern Highlands is one of the most popular whiskeys in Scotland. Since 1843, a malt of astonishing elegance and finesse. On the nose, floral notes of geranium are discovered with apricots, bergamot, mandarins, eucalyptus and ginger. The palate offers notes of crunchy almonds, coconut and sweet spices adding complexity and elegance to the nectar. Try mixing it in an Old fashioned maple

Old fashioned maple

Original gin

De Kuyper is the "OG" of the category, the one that opened the door for new styles of gin. Its aromas remind us of the cereals at the origin of the distillate, and it also offers resinous perfumes from the juniper berry. This classic is the perfect base spirit to create a long list of cocktails, including some that literally have cottage written all over, like the Fall chalet.

Fall chalet.

Fruity brandy

This refined brandy features notes of citrus and caramel with a hint of pineapple on the nose. On the palate it also offers delicate flavours of citrus and oak. Serve neat or in a classic cocktail worthy of its name, like the Stinger.


Caramel Cocktail

This spirit-based cocktail garners stars and praise from customers. One wrote: "It's good on ice cream, in coffee, on ice cream... it's perfect, it tastes like butterscotch." ". Thank you, Mauricio C., we couldn’t have said it better. For cocktails, try the Decadent Pear.

Decadent Pear.

Just peachy

This peach liqueur has become a classic in your mixes. Most customers love it as a quick cocktail served simply on ice with a soft drink of their choice. As an aperitif that's great, but it also lends itself to more sophisticated creations like the Criss-cross when you have more time, like on a weekend at the cottage.


Retro cherry

If the vintage, iconic even, look of the bottle of this liqueur (which celebrated its 200th anniversary) doesn't immediately seduce you, perhaps its maraschino cherry taste will win over your taste buds. It's hard not to get inspired to go retro or tiki with such a product; we especially like the Sparkling Singapore. Don’t forget the mini umbrellas.

Sparkling Singapore

Local whisky

In 1883, Joseph E. Seagram purchases a distillery he names after himself in Waterloo, Ontario. About a hundred years ago, in 1913, that's where the « V.O. » is created to commemorate his son's wedding. It is an easily approachable Canadian whisky with notes of vanilla, sweet spices and cherry. It can be used in a vast array of cocktails, but combined with the peach liqueur above, it’s a Royal Surprise.

 Royal Surprise

We always like to read your cocktail recipe ideas or your pairings. Share them in the detailed product info, and happy cottage!

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