Straightforward and refreshing, rosés are made for summer. From classic French bottles to new world offerings, there’s one for every moment and every table. Here are four wines and a few inspiring culinary ideas that are sure to make them shine.

The alluring aromas of Cote des Roses

Impress your better half with a romantic al fresco dinner for two and a seductive Cote des Roses. At first glance, there’s the rose-shaped bottle, but look a little further and you’ll happen upon its light and delicate pink colour and aromas of red berries and citrus. Indulgent and balanced, the wine’s nuances culminate in a fresh flourish. With oysters with sweet and sour salsa, Cote des Roses is sure to charm.  

Oysters with sweet and sour salsa

Preparation 10 minutes
Cooking time none
Servings 24 oysters

Remarkable Gris Blanc

Fresh and crystal clear, Gris Blanc is a Languedoc-Roussillon rosé that blends Grenache gris and Grenache. Often used together in red wine, the varieties here are processed as they would be for white. The technique gives Gris Blanc its subtle aromas and whispers of mineral notes and salinity and imparts a splendid silvery pink hue. Remarkably versatile, Gris Blanc rosé suits every occasion, from a virtual cocktail with friends to a picnic lunch at the beach and even family dinner. It’s an excellent match for fresh and refined dishes like our pan-fried scallops with mango salsa.

Pan-fried scallop bites, mango salsa

Preparation 10 minutes
Cooking time 2 to 3 minutes
Servings 12 bites

Refreshing Cliff 79

Cliff 79 blends Grenache, Mourvèdre and Shiraz—the emblematic variety of its native Australia. The wine’s aromas of red fruits, floral notes and bright persistent finish make it a simple and flavourful option that’s a wonderful counterpart to a veggie dish, like a grilled eggplant-cheese stack.

Barbecued eggplant-cheese stacks

Preparation 15 minutes
Cooking time 7 minutes
Servings 4 appetizers

Strata: Australian sunshine in a bottle

One sip of Strata will whisk you to Australia’s sundrenched coastline—proof that new world rosés are every bit as captivating as their European counterparts. With its floral notes and hints of strawberry and banana, this fresh and delightful new arrival is the perfect complement to a colourful spinach, strawberry, pecan and goat cheese salad with maple vinaigrette.

Spinach, strawberry, pecan and goat cheese salad with maple vinaigrette

Preparation 15 minutes
Cooking time 5 to 7 minutes
Servings 4

In collaboration with Arterra and Gérard Bertrand.

Top photography: Maude Chauvin