Founded in 1896 by Émile Willm, the brand has a long tradition of presence in America. They were distributed on the transatlantic liner France and were among the first Alsace wines distributed in North America as early as 1930.. Historically known as Domaine Alsace Willm, it benefits from Alsace's unique terroir, situated at the foot of the majestic Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr. Over the years, the estate has remained true to Alsace's winemaking traditions, showcasing this unique terroir through its fresh, fruity and dry wines.

Un terroir exceptionnel Un terroir exceptionnel

An outstanding terroir

The various vineyards cultivated by the estate benefit from a favourable climate and varied soil composition, which contribute to the distinct character and complexity of the wines. The region's cool climate and abundant sunshine mean a longer ripening period, allowing the grapes to develop their full flavour potential. The estate's wines are varied, offering an introduction to the different facets of the Alsatian tradition, but what they all have in common is their racy character and great personality.

Award-winning wines, delighted customers

Willm's commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed. Their wines have been repeatedly acclaimed by critics and competitions around the world. This consistent quality has also been recognised by consumers, who have awarded scores of 4 stars out of 5 or more to all the different wines available on our market. Well done!

Willm comes out of its shell

Before its current success with its wines, the Willm estate was renowned for another area of expertise. Adolphe Willm had built up a reputation for his... Alsatian snails! This ancestral recipe, made from the foot of the snail cooked in white wine, was the source of the family's fame. The estate has always continued to promote local gastronomy. So it's no surprise that the estate's wines are such good matches for food.

Discover three magnificent Willm wines perfect for your summer meals


This cuvée is all about the elegant notes of pinot blanc and its floral, fruity and mineral bouquet. Fresh and suave, it's perfect with cold salads, a variety of vegetables (grilled asparagus, tian, savoury tarts) as well as fresh cheeses and seafood. To make the most of summer meals, serve it as part of your summer buffets featuring seasonal produce, like this recipe for grilled corn with feta, basil and oregano.


This pinot gris, with its seductive notes of ripe white fruit, quince and honey, demonstrates the full aromatic range of this grape variety. Its full, supple body, supported by hints of spice, perfectly highlights the balance between richness and acidity. At the table, it will find a variety of partners: grilled or roasted white meats, poultry in sauce, mushroom-based dishes. Why not serve it with this vegetarian stir-fry recipe, which will bring out the fullness and elegance of the wine?


This cuvée displays the signature of Riesling, combining liveliness and structure with typical notes of citrus fruit and jasmine. Thanks to its great freshness and long finish with spicy aromas, it is an ideal accompaniment to white meats, fresh cheeses, ceviches or fish tartars and, above all, seafood. You'll feel like you're in a seaside restaurant when you serve it with this lobster sandwich recipe.

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