Moving is probably in the Top 10 of most stressful activities. But such an occasion can also turn into a beautiful day where camaraderie and mutual aid are in the spotlight. And once everything has been transported from one place to another and the truck is only a distant memory, it’s time to relax!

Quality wines at friendly prices

Make the most of your post-move smoothly and easily thanks to our suggestions of wines at low prices and simple and tasty dishes to accompany them.

Petits prixPetits prix

Latue Wine by Nature 

An organic Spanish white wine for $10.80? Yes, without hesitation! For a nice, delicious accompaniment that will fill a good craving, go to the supermarket and buy a large quantity of prepared guacamole and your favorite corn chips.

For the bravest who really want to cook on moving day (we tip our hat to you, by the way), here’s our Mexican salad recipe.

Piola Shiraz Mendoza

For those who always go for red wine, even after labouring under the sun all day (no rain, please), this Argentine shiraz is just the bottle to get, especially at less than $10. With pizza, burger or ribs you’ve thrown together (for those who swear by homemade food) or from your new favorite local diner, you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Arbolencia Sauvignon blanc/Verdejo

Here’s another affordable Spanish white that won’t break the bank. Delicate and light, it will be perfect with the classic BLT of your local restaurant. And if your friends were really amazing during the move and a barbecue is already installed, why not throw a few cobs on the grill? Let's bet this grilled corn will be much appreciated.

Beer, the official post-move drink

Of course, beer is a moving day staple. What could be better than a cold and thirst-quenching beer to cheers when the physical exertion is finally over? Here are some beer suggestions that you will find exclusively at your local SAQ. Most are prepared in Quebec and you’ll save by combining two varieties.

Enjoy moving day and take time to relax after everything’s done!