Top 5 summer cocktails

May we offer you a drink suggestion? We’ve got ideas for all your plans, including doing sweet nothing. Slushtail, a gin and tonic on holiday, watermelon-jalapeno and more, find the best ideas to chill on hot summer days on the patio.

Published on May 25, 2022

While the assortment of ready-to-drink cocktails is expanding and getting more and more attractive, the art of cocktails is still very much alive. Sure, sometimes you feel like having your meal and drink ready to serve, but on a good day you can also feel like mixing it up, literally. So, grab your shaker and tools et get ready to create the prettiest cocktails under the sun.

So grab your shaker and tools


The tonic on vacay

If you like cocktails with tonic, try this citrusy option. Not only is it low in alcohol and easy to make, it also brings a touch of sunshine to the classic, as if your gin and tonic was vacationing in Florida.

Cool as a strawberry

Summer equals frozen drinks, in this case a frozen alcoholic drink. The mix of strawberries and coconut makes you feel like you’re on an island, live from your backyard chaise. The recipe calls for more tools and patience, but this is so delicious you’ll forget all about it at first sip.

Garden party

This one may not look very appealing, but its freshness and originality deserve a shot. Serve it after a generous barbecue to benefit from its possible digestive properties, and garnish with some of your garden accomplishments, like mint or rosemary.

Margarita, but make it melon

It’s likely we had you at margarita, but a pink and watermelon version? Common. Plus, it literally has a little kick thanks to the jalapeno. Ten bucks says you’re already getting the mixer.

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Photo: Valeria Bismar